Snooki Talks (Very) Possible Clothing Line, Becoming The Next Jessica Simpson [INTERVIEW]

Snooki Beauty Line

Snooki at her fragrance launch on Nov. 13.
Photo: MTV

Guys, Snooki is really, really close to fashion world domination. Like, we thought her accessories, flip-flops, handbags, and sunglasses lines were enough to prove that she was a TOTAL #bosslady, but as it turns out, that was just the beginning of her style endeavors. Last week, she launched her second fragrance and first-ever nail polish collection, and this week we were lucky enough to chat with her about it! (And try all the products out firsthand, obvi.) It turns out she not only launched a 3-piece glitter nail collection like we thought, but also tons of other "Snookified" polishes, including a shimmery green color called "Money Maker" and a magenta hue called "Smush That." She also surprised us with super-cute press-on nails (complete with bows!), animal print nail decals and even a scented top coat. We chatted about all-things beauty, including her freshly-dyed fiery red hair, obsession for nail art, and—GASP—future clothing line. Peep ALL the deets after the jump, and, just so you know, we're totally in love with her now. Baiii.

MTV STYLE: First off, tell us about your new red hair! So prit.

SNOOKI: I like to change it up a lot. I don't like to look the same all the time, so on the show airing right now you see my blonde [hair], and then I went to a black-blue. I just feel like I needed a change, so I did red. I wanted a sexy Poison Ivy look.

How long did your new 'do take?

I got there at 10 and I left at 5, so it's not that bad. If you want good hair, you gotta do what you gotta do.

A-GREED. So, let's talk about why we're here—you just launched your second fragrance and two brand new nail polish collections. I mean, between your flip-flop line, accessories line, handbag line, and sunglasses line, you're practically becoming the next Jessica Simpson!

That’s definitely my goal. I thinks she’s amazing—starting out with boots and purses and now she has everything. I would love to be on that level because I love fashion, and I would love to just design everything.

Tell us the inspiration behind your first nail polish collection!

Well, right now I’m wearing All That Glitters [ed note: see below], which is my holiday collection. I don’t want it to look like every nail polish. I name everything, and I design everything—from the packaging to the bottles.

Snooki Beauty Line

A close-up of Snooki's nails.
Photo: MTV

Wow, you totes do it all. How did the scented top coat come about?

I just like to be different, and I want to be unique with my products. I know there’s a few scented nail polishes, but you can have any color, and then you can have the good scent on top of it. It has a fruity smell.

Oooh, and you're also releasing animal print nail decals too? What’s the inspiration behind those?

Well, I love leopard print, and I love bling, so I just added both.

Simple enough! Why is nail art important to you?

I feel like nails are an accessory. You have your jewelry, but your body is also an accessory. You have to get your nails done.

Where do you get nail art inspiration?

I just Google a lot and think, “Oh, I like that! How can I make it my own?” Then I 'twerk it a little bit.

'TWERK IT. So tell us, how is your second fragrance, Snooki Couture, different from your first?

My first is more fruity and like cotton candy, and this one is more sexy and mature, but still fun.

What kind of girl would buy this fragrance?

I always say my products don’t discriminate against anybody, so anyone from 13 to 60 can wear it. I have a lot of gay friends, and they wear my perfume all the time. So anybody can rock it.

Snooki Beauty Line

Snooki fragrance and nail polish collection.
Photo: MTV

OK, we can't stop staring at your hair. How do you get those oh-so-perfect waves?

I do it myself with a curling iron. It takes me half an hour. I love doing my own stuff. I do my own makeup, my own hair.

Every day?

Yeah. I get antsy.

Wow, we wish we had those kind of skills. What’s the most amazing piece of inexpensive clothing you’ve bought recently?

I buy a lot of cheap things. I’m a very cheap person—I’m a bargain shopper.

What about beauty products?

That’s probably the one thing I spend a lot of money on. When it comes to clothes and accessories, that’s when I bargain shop. I went to Love Culture recently—it’s like a Forever 21. They had amazing cheap things. I got these pants there, this blouse—everything.

What a steal. Before we go, we just HAVE to ask: Will there ever be a Snooki clothing line?

Yes, I’m praying. I’m hoping it’ll happen soon.

What's the possibility, here?

[Publicist: "I feel like 98%."] It’ll be cheap, affordable, like Forever 21, but Snooki—shoes, flip-flops, bags, platforms. Good stuff.

The Snooki Couture fragrance and All That Glitters holiday nail set are available to purchase on, while the rest of her nail polishes, decals and acrylic nails will available to buy on starting Nov. 23.

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