Get All The Deets Behind Sleigh Bells Singer Alexis Krauss' Sephora Campaign Nail Art! [INTERVIEW]

Alexis Krauss Sephora

Alexis Krauss for Sephora.
Photo: Via Sephora's Facebook

Let's just admit it: Alexis Krauss has been killin' it as of late. The Sleigh Bells frontwoman (and MTV Style fashion icon) not only rocks the best outfits in onstage and in music videos, but she's officially starting to branch out into the fashion world, and we could NOT be more excited about it. Earlier in month we peeped her modeling skills in the Obesity and Speed campaign, and this week, Alexis appeared in Sephora's holiday "Celebrate Your Extraordinary" campaign. WUT. She's featured alongside Parker Posey, Leelee Sobieski, Into The Gloss founder Emily Weiss, and Wonderland fashion editor Julia Sarr-Jamois sporting jet-black liner, a touch of blush and a nude lip. But, we have to admit our favorite part are THOSE. NAILS. So, of course we had to reach out to Alexis' personal nail artist Ria Lopez, (whom you maaayyy remember from a video we did a little while back) and she dished on the inspiration behind her design, what it was like working on her first campaign, and even told us her fave Sephora nail products. Oh la la! Check it out after the jump.

MTV Style: Ria! Tell us about the killer nails you created for Alexis. LOVE. THEM.

Ria Lopez: Alexis is really big on studs, so of course we had to have studs on the nails. When I was asked to do the campaign, Sephora wanted the nails to be iridescent colors, but when they went for the bold red nails I did, it became more of an edgy look as opposed to a softer look.

What polish did you use on her tips (a.k.a. can we buy it ASAP)?

For Alexis nails I used "Enchanted Rose" by Ciate (Ed note: The polish comes in this mini set) as a base color and then added silver studs down the center of each nail.

Ria Lopez Sephora Alexis Krauss

A close-up of Alexis' nail art.
Photo: Courtesy of Ria Lopez

Why do you think Sephora chose Alexis for their Celebrate Your Extraordinary campaign?

I think Sephora chose Alexis because this campaign had real women in it—not models. She's BADASS at what she does and so are all the other women that were shot for this.

What was it like working with Sephora for the first time?!

Working with Sephora was awesome and at the same time nerve-racking. Sephora is such a big company, and I wasn't sure what to expect, but everyone was really nice and I felt comfortable once I got there.

What are some of your favorite nail products from Sephora?

I'm a big fan of their Nails Inc. glitter polishes. Its the best glitter polish I've tried.

Ob-sessed with Nails Inc. polishes! How do you think Alexis’ personal style influences your nail designs?

Alexis is known for her studded leather jackets and cut-off studded shorts, so whenever I come up with a nail design, studs are a big part of the design. I try to incorporate them differently every time. We also collaborate a lot when she's going to do a shoot.


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