Pharrell Crafts Custom Headphones, Talks 'Ghetto Goth' Style On Chrissie Miller's DIY Show

Pharrell stops by Club Chrissie.
Photo: via i Am Other

How two rubber-coated headphone cords become tightly intertwined while hanging out in the bottom of a bag is an anomaly to us, but our favorite DIY-gal Chrissie Miller offers a practical solution to this earbud mystery in the latest installment of Club Chrissie and SPOILER ALERT! It involves Pharrell. It’s no secret that a quick glimpse of skateboard P’s signature side grin is a feasible solution to most of our problems at MTV Style, but this pro-tip is one we're actually planning to put into practice.

We’ve been patiently-not-patiently waiting for Pharrell to make an appearance on Club Chrissie since i am Other announced plans to host the series on its network and let’s just say: it does not disappoint. Pharrell drops by Chrissie’s clubhouse wearing his signature uniform: a BBC fitted, classic white v neck paired with a layer of plaid, and those swoon-worthy red laced lumberjack boots (which, by the way, he customizes himself using a Sharpie paint pen). This time, the master of sartorial swag mixes it up with Billionaire Boys Club cut offs, and dare we say – a layer of leggings? No matter what this man wears, he seems to rock it better than the entire human population... and although we’re not entirely sure of what’s happening here, we’re sure he makes it look GOOD.

While twisting various colors of embroidery thread around those stubborn wires, the two friends chat about Pharrell’s “Ghetto Goth” look this winter (queue “Soul mate!” cubicle proclamations from our dark side princess Chrissy), the Fisherman-chic inspiration behind Billionaire Boys Club’s current steeze, and the ingenuity behind the “i am other” stylemark. Which, um, NBD, was fostered while in the studio with Lauryn Hill. She schooled Pharrell in the art of pushing beyond creative comfort zones, stating: “I want it to sound like something else. I want other”. This collision of creative superpowers resulted in the naming of the “i am other” franchise. Minds are officially blown here.

If you’re in need of a solution to the never ending snarl keeping you between your favorite beats (or just an excuse to look at Skateboard P), peep Club Chrissie’s YouTube Channel. The result is crafty, customizable, and a super cute solution to your warped wires...just choose a color and get to wrappin’!

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