Would You Rent Your Nail Polish?

The Chanel Fall collection is available on Lacquerous.

Photo: via Lacquerous

If you didn’t know it already, we MTV Style folk are pretty obsessed with our nail art. And with Halloween and Election Day behind us, we’re getting all geared up to paint our paws for the holidays. (Cranberry colors for Thanksgiving? Tiny fir trees for Christmas? Glitter galore for New Years? The possibilities are endless!) But with so much to celebrate this season, it’s a big commitment to shell out the dough for the premium polishes that we all want. So meet Lacquerous: the brand new company that, like Rent-The-Runway before it, let’s you borrow instead of buy. For $18 a month – that’s about half of what a bottle of Chanel or Tom Ford would run you – Lacquerous will mail you three high-quality shades based on your profile’s preference. Rock the colors for a month, then send ‘em back in the prepaid envelope and you’ll get three new bottles within a few days. No more shelling out stacks for a color you wear only once! No more throwing away barely-used bottles that have turned clumpy and crusty! Pretty fabulous, right? Well… there’s a catch.

Lacquerous’ website states you can use each bottle of polish for up to three applications per month and that they’ll be monitoring the amount of polish in the bottle when you return it. (So our brilliant plan of sharing one membership between three gal pal roomies ain’t gonna fly.) It sounds sort of harsh to limit your number of manicures but with three new colors each month, it’s not likely you’d use them more than that anyway. There’s also the finicky issue of being responsible and prompt when it comes to mailing your polishes back in a timely manner. Because if you keep the polishes past their due date, you’re auto charged the cost of the bottle.

Is it worth it or is it weird? If you’re a salon-loving girl who’s getting her nails did by a pro once a week just to mix up the colors, this deal could save you a bundle. But if you’re a DIY kind of chick who paints her own nails on the reg, you’re also probably not the type to regularly drop $30 on a bottle. So, what do you make of Lacquerous’ nail polish sharing service? Would you give it a go? Tell us in the comments below!

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