Versace To Design Lady Gaga's U.S. Born This Way Ball Tour Wardrobe

Lady Gaga Versace

Donatella Versace and Lady Gaga cemented their BFF status last month in Milan.
Photo: Getty Images

Best friends do everything together, right? So if you're Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace, that means posing with pets on balconies, matching your hair color to THE perfect shade of Barbie blonde, and sharing clothes- yes, even really, really rare ones. But now these two have officially taken their bestie status to an epic new level with some seriously awesome breaking news: we hear that the Italian designer would be making Gaga's Born This Way wardrobe for the ENTIRE American leg of her tour! (Commence official freak out now.) Lady Gaga blasted the announcement out via Facebook and Twitter just mere hours ago, calling her upcoming outfits a "face-lift for America." We'll say!

What can we expect? According to the pop star, get ready for customized never-before-seen looks crafted by Donatella herself, so you KNOW it's going to be amazing. We can't help but remember when Gaga pledged to wear nothing but vintage Versace for two months. This is kiiiind of the same thing...except way better, of course. After all, we first called out Lady Gaga's early Versace crush way back in May, when we had a feeling that this love affair was no fleeting fling. And now it's official! The only bad part? Finding the patience to count down the days until January 12, when Gaga kicks off the ultimate music-meets-fashion show.

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