House Of Style: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show [Video]

As fashion shows go, Victoria’s Secret’s fashion show is a MONSTER. This year’s airs on CBS on Tuesday, December 4th but the show itself went down last week and the scene backstage was bananas. Just think about it, for the 2012 jam you’ve got performances from Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars not to mention hoards of gorgeous models, as well as thousands of feathers, gobs of jewels, miles of hair extensions, and a heaving throng of press.

No big deal.

Well, except that we had a House of Style segment to shoot. Our hosts Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss were busybusybusy and in between hair, makeup, and being ferried to and fro, we were able to catch up with them to gossip about what goes into being a VS Angel.

Unsurprisingly, Joan and Karlie, as well as a number of other girls we interviewed, were working out like maniacs to prep for their scanty ensembles but it's not just about getting all skinnyminnie about that one unforgiving camera that shoots straight up into your chin and nose from the end of the runway. Heaps of the models focused on balance and core exercises because everything is so DAMNED heavy. Joan's wings were 15-20 pounds easy. And it's not just about looking poised in an enormous flower costume, it's about looking poised in an enormous flower costume atop 6" heels. Ambitious stuff.

Despite the raucous hubbub, we did also get a chance to talk to hair GOD Orlando Pita about how to get the perfect, faux-casual, beachy waves that makes that classic tousled Victoria’s Secret ‘do so desirable. Apparently, it’s pure math. According to him, the 1 ¼” barrel curling iron is the truth, yielding pretty, touchable waves and not those crunchy, labored curlicues that look like low-rent, amateur-hour, sadfaced pageant hair.

It's crazy to think how far the Victoria's Secret fashion show has come since its inception in 1995. We actually got a chance to film the first show EVER for House of Style for episode 42 and it's awesome to see not only how many more bells, whistles, baubles and bodacious babes the show now calls for but how the company's made some great decisions in terms of styling. Back then, designer Victoria Bartlett was tasked with creating the looks and the trajectory is impressive to behold. Check it out in this segment of the new House of Style.


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