Here's How To Get Azealia Banks' Totally '90s 'Atlantis' Look

The clothes from Azealia Banks' 'Atlantis' video are available at ASOS.
Photo: via Azealia Banks Facebook/ ASOS

When Azealia Banks decided to bestow her new "Atlantis" video upon the world last night, the internet basically had a field day. She rides dolphins! She dances in the desert! She pops out of shells! With her mermaid green hair, kooky-cool aesthetic, and the vid's kaleidoscope of rainbow graphics, the Tumblr-tastic clip is basically a winky ode to seapunk everything. And with so many intergalactic-meets-underwater motifs, let's just say Lisa Frank would be jealous. But although the graphics and wardrobe may SEEM straight from the '90s, think again. Turns out Azealia's rocking all modern staples in the video, and they come from one place: ASOS.

She's the new face of the U.K. retailer and one of its biggest fans, so it's not too crazy to see Azealia give a shoutout to ASOS in the video. She's pulled pieces from the capsule collection designed by London's Martine Rose and stars crop tops, worldy prints, and TONS of color. The printed cap, badges top, and bomber jacket are all available to buy online now. So watch the video here, snag some inspiration, and let us know if you're going to copy the look!

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