Watch Psy, Taylor Swift, Rita Ora And More Rock Amazing 2012 EMA Performance Looks [Video]

Psy performs "Gagnam Style" at the 2012 EMA.
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The 2012 MTV EMA aired late last night on MTV2, but some of our fave performances weren't included in the US broadcast. Have no fear, though, because we have the performances you've seen AND all of the ones that you haven't yet, along with the AMAZING performance looks that went with them. While all of the performances were totally awesome, we had to narrow it down to our five faves. It was a challenging task, but in the end, Taylor Swift, Psy, Carly Rae Jepsen, Rita Ora, and Gwen Stefani reigned as our performance style faves. With looks ranging from the theatrical to the sultry, all of last night's performers brought it in a major way. Let's take a look at their performance style, shall we?


First up, Korean mega-star Psy performed his hit "Gagnam Style" in a sequined top that simultaneously reminded us of Michael Jackson's glittering performance looks during the "Billie Jean" era and something straight out of Star Trek. With a bright blue lapel and cuff details popping against pure black sparkle, Psy looked every bit the super star backed by his army of dancers. He finished the look with some excellently tailored trousers and classic black, classic white wingtips and, of course, a slick pair of shades. Check out the full performance video, as well as the rest of out favorite looks, after the jump.


Taylor Swift performs "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" at the 2012 EMA.
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In keeping with the show's circus, carnival theme, Taylor Swift appeared in her show-closing set dressed as, what else, a ringleader. Glitter seemed to be the theme of both Psy and Tay's performances, no surprise for either of them. Taylor's red sequined tails, black tap shorts, and black hat were classic Barnum & Bailey. It was her knee-high black boots, with contrast red detailing, that took her "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" over the top. It was hard not to imagine her in the Moulin Rouge or some other classic cabaret, the show did take place in Europe, after all.


Gwen Stefani performs "Looking Hot" with No Doubt at the 2012 EMA.
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Breaking away from the glitter theme was No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani, who performed the band's "Looking Hot" while, well, looking pretty hot in an edgy double breasted tuxedo jacket and skirt/shorts combination. It's hard to tell, are they shorts or is it a skirt? We're not sure, but paired with yet another pair of knee-high boots (are we sensing a trend?), fishnets, bold red lips and Gwen's flawless-as-ever white blonde hair, the look was slick, sharp, and perfect for the performance.


Carly Rae Jepsen performs "Call Me Maybe" at the 2012 EMA.
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Carly Rae Jepsen performed her hit "Call Me Maybe" last night in a look that was nothing like the demure lovestruck girl she plays in her song and video. While we couldn't initially tell what was printed on her leggings, the Style office let out a collective "woah" when we realized they were an all-over EYE print. How cool/creepy is that? We're so into it. Paired with a neon, geometric belt and a textured bustier, Carly looked like she would definitely be the one doing the calling.


Rita Ora performs "R.I.P." at the 2012 EMA.
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We loved Rita Ora's dramatic red lace dress on the EMA carpet, but we never expected that she would carry the look over into her performance as well! We love that the singer kept it within the red lace theme for her performance of "R.I.P." last night, and it was awesome to see just how versatile both she and a look can be. Rita ditched the ball gown in favor of a curve-hugging unitard and matching sneakers. Is that neckline approaching sleeveless turtleneck? We think so, and we're so into it, as usual.

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