Robert Pattinson's Modeling Career: Why Don't We Talk About This More?

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson.
Photo: Getty Images

We all know Robert Pattinson has impossible cheekbones, piercing blue eyes, and one of the most celebrated heads of dude hair in the business. BUT did you know that before Twilight, even before Cedric Diggory, our beloved R.Pattz used those rosy cheeks and baby blues to model swim wear for the South China Morning Post back in 2003??? Honestly, this is probably old news for most Twi-hards since a few black-and-white photos of shirtless Robert Pattinson wearing only a scarf from that shoot cropped up online almost four years ago. Thanks to celeb blog Snakkle and their "celebs wearing underwear" round-up, we are born again into the world of Robert's early modeling career with yet ANOTHER photo from the same shoot, this time showing wayyy more outfit (also, man-thigh), and suffice it to say, we are way into it.

It's not just because we're seeing one Hollywood's biggest dreamboats in a rare NON-Gucci-wearing moment. We love this because it makes so much sense of Robert's uncanny ability to hit brooding "Blue Steel" at the drop of a hat. Even at the tender age of 17, wearing patterned swim trunks, a black scarf, tall black dress socks, and black patent leather loafers (a total look that was reportedly "based on swimwear from the 1930s" and for which R.Pattz was potentially a bit "nervous" for, according to photographer John-Paul Pietrus), Pattinson's mug is just as salty as the scruffy-faced man we know him to be today. And that HAAAAIR. *dies in a flurry of glitter then revives only to die again* It's everything. How can we JUST be seeing all this now? And why doesn't South China Morning Post have this shoot readily available in their online archives? #trafficjuggernaut And most importantly, what do you guys think of it? Let us know in the comments below!


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