Go Behind The Scenes Of Blake Lively's Gucci Premiere Fragrance Commercial

Blake Lively channeling the magic of Hollywood in her Gucci Premiere ad.
Photo: Gucci Parfums Youtube

Blake Lively has her old Hollywood glam game DOWN. From soft Veronica Lake waves to that faraway gaze filled with meaning that has seemingly been past down through generations of actresses, the Gossip Girl star is equally at home under klieg lights and in front of the camera. When we first saw Blake's commercial for Gucci's Premiere fragrance, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (who is also the genius behind Drive), back in August, we knew immediately that there were some serious Tinseltown allusions being made. I mean, putting blonde, statuesque Blake high atop the Hollywood Hills, gazing down at her cinematic dominion like a silver screen queen? Absolutely. And now, Gucci has released a behind the scenes clip from the shoot, which reveals that our inferences into the symbolism of the commercial were correct (and who said studying critical theory in college wasn't a marketable skill? psh). Refn explains that the ad intends to evoke "movie mythology, and the romanticism of movie mythology." He goes on to say that, "we're in Hollywood, this is where it all started." On his casting decision, he says picking Blake was a no-brainer, and that he "certainly can't think of anyone else to fill those golden shoes." Blake also has some kind things to say about her director, which you can watch in the clip after the jump!

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