Wildfox Designer Kimberley Gordon Talks Kanye West, California, And Young Hollywood Style


Looks from Wildfox Couture's Resort 2013 collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Wildfox Couture

The Wildfox Couture world goes a little something like this: super cute t-shirts, dresses, and oversized sweaters set in a land of sunshine, pop culture, and an unlimited closet. Throw in some '90s grunge and Romeo and Juliet lines and there's pretty much NOWHERE else we'd rather be. Clearly we're not the only ones in love, since the L.A. brand has become an unofficial Young Hollywood uniform since the label first burst upon the scene in 2007. So what's the secret? According to founder and designer Kimberley Gordon, their recipe for success involves pop culture references, perpetual California dreaming....and a little help from their friends, Lindsay, Demi, and Beyonce (no last names necessary). Get the lowdown from Kim herself below!

MTV STYLE: So when you envision the Wildfox girl, who is she? Do you have anyone specific in mind when you design?

KIMBERLEY: We don't have a specific person or a muse when in mind we're designing our collections, but we'd like to think that the Wildfox girl is any girl. She's bubbly and cool and her personality shines through the clothes, because our tops are conversation starters.

The t-shirts are now a huge Hollywood staple with girls like Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez. Do you remember the first celebrity to wear them?

It happened quite naturally. We [Kim and her co-founder Emily Faulstich] started stocking the shirts at Kitson in Los Angeles in 2007, and the store is really big with a lot of celebrities. I remember Lindsay Lohan was one of the first girls who wore Wildfox in public, and she looked so great. The line started to pick up from there pretty quickly. I think the tops are popular because they're super comfy, but they also look cute and put together. So Demi and Selena and those girls can throw them on and wear them in public or to an event.

Wildfox is such an L.A. brand. How did you capture that sensibility?

We are so L.A., and the funny thing is I'm not from here- I'm not even from the U.S. I think that's why it works, because I have this outside perspective. When I moved here things stood out, like walking around barefoot to get mail! That blew my mind. And drinking canned sodas, and having the sunshine everyday. I was like, 'This is heaven!' So the brand kind of represents this super sunny outlook.

What's on your studio playlist?

We love teen pop music. I've been a fan of Britney Spears for forever- she's been a huge inspiration for me, just in terms of girl power. Justin Bieber is also a big hit with us, but now that we have a guy working in the office with us, we have to listen on our headphones sometimes because he'll call us out on it [laughing]. But I think that if Wildfox were a band, we'd be the Spice Girls!

What celebrity are you dying to dress in Wildfox?

Oh, that's a good question! In terms of celebrities I'm obsessed with right now, I really love Jessica Chastain, I think she's beautiful. But honestly, if Mary-Kate [Olsen] wore Wildfox, I would be ecstatic. She really know where trends are going, and what everyone else will wear in a couple of months. I love when Selena wears it! Anything near Bieber, I'll take it! Beyonce is another awesome Wildfox girl- she's inspiring, she's beautiful, and I'm always so flattered when she wears it.

We love Beyonce, too.

Right?! She's the best. It's so funny because about a year and a half ago, Kanye West contacted me through my blog. It was out of nowhere, and he didn't even leave his name- just his phone number! So I called him and he ended up talking to me for a really long time. I guess he wanted to start his own t-shirt line at some point and was looking for advice. And I think it was Beyonce who first showed him the shirts, and was the reason behind him reaching out in the first place! I don't think I'll ever get over that [laughing].

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