Let's Discuss Demi Lovato's Strong Brow Beauty Look

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is really into the strong brow lately.
Photo: Courtesy of @DDLovato's Twitter/Getty Images

Along with being Topshop's most loyal customer, Demi Lovato is one of the beauty game's MVPs, from her early-adoption of perceivably risky trends to her break-neck hair change pace. Granted, the "strong brow" look that she's been doing a lot of lately has been around for a while now (hashtag Lily Collins, AMIRITE???), but there's something about Demi's iteration that makes it feel really new and more importantly, somehow attainable for everyone else.

Sure, Lily Collins may be the Brooke Shields of today's Young Hollywood as far as lush, pronounced eyebrows are concerned, but Demi's strow brow steez is something we want to talk about because we know what the base is. We've seen Demi go bare face, no makeup at LEAST two times in the recent past, so we know what she's working with under that expert sculpting and shading. On top of that, she works them with soooo many different total looks (hair half-up half-down, top knot + matte face, tousled hair + nude lips, blonde hair + red pout) that you're convinced this thing can work on anyone. Not only is she capitalizing on a hot trend, she's giving hope to us more sparsly browed ladies that we, too, might be able to pull this off. What do you think about Demi Lovato's strong brows? Will you try this look yourself? Let us know and send us pix plz for more browspiration!

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