Lady Gaga's Costumes Go Up For Auction, Including This Rubber Face Mask

Lady Gaga Auction

Lady Gaga wears a clear rubber Franc Fernandez face mask.
Photo: Via ShowStudio's YouTube/Julien's Live

Welp. Little Monsters, we hope you've been saving up some serious dough because several of Lady Gaga's iconic costumes have officially hit Julien's Auction! *high-fives entire world* The four pieces are a part of their Icons and Idols 2012: Rock 'n' Roll collection, which also includes memorabilia from Madonna and Whitney Houston. This means we finally get a chance to grab a piece of Lady Gaga's wardrobe and mix it in with our own, right? Well, not so fast---when we actually peeped the items for sale on the site, we were a bit, um, surprised by the options.

We were first drawn to the bondage-y clear rubber mask because, well, it's not often we see weird, emotionless mannequins modeling facial accessories. Apparently Gaga wore it in a black and white film for her Monster Ball tour with (literally) nothing else except her blunt blonde hair and bold eyeshadow. They estimate this Franc Fernandez-designed piece (psst, he's the same guy who created her infamous meat dress) will settle between $3,000-$5,000, but we have to be honest, here--we could never pay that much for a non-wardrobe staple, or, just any kind of rubber mask in general. #sweatyface Other items up for auction include a Franc Fernandez embellished headpiece she wore onstage during her Monster Ball tour in 2010, a Keko Hainswheeler face mask (made from rusty nails and safety pins) she wore in her "Bad Romance" video, and a laser-cut python leather Eddie Gavriilidis gown, which she wore while visiting Omaha, Nebraska in 2011. But tell us, would you want any of these Lady Gaga pieces to add to your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!

{via Vogue UK and Julien's Auctions}

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