Charlotte Ronson Shows Her Spring Summer 2013 Collection in Aruba [Interview]

Charlotte Ronson at her show in Aruba.
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Dearest NYers: Please do your best not to despise me/hate Tweet me. I escaped the ultimate Mean Girl known as Mother Nature over the weekend…but in the name of fashion! Specifically, Aruba In Style, which showcased many a beach-friendly designer from Aruba, Venezuela, Columbia and other tropical paradises. It was, in short, uh-mazing. Major highlight: kicking it via a cray unconventional front-row experience alongside fashion-y folks like Fashionista and FashionEtc—frozen mojito in hand, feet in pool water—whilst gorgeous models of all shapes and sizes strutted their stuff in floral bikinis, fancy flip-flops and lots of sheer. Additionally, there was a smoke-y sage-clutching model clad in a gothic wedding dress and a male model sporting abs of steel and sequined short-shorts, which resulted in my schvitzing my SPF off. There was also that one time where I found myself at Aruba's version of the Versace mansion for a presentation complete with gaudy marble pillars, statues and, duh, open bar. I bumped into the gorgggg downtown designer staple, Charlotte Ronson, who came down to represent for New York. If y'all saw her salivating-inducing SS13 show, then y'all know the homegirl's designs was a no-brainer showstopper for the daisy dukes, bikinis on top-friendly sartorial soiree. After one too many Pina Colada, I had a kiki with the sun-kissed beauty. Topics included her “Aruba In Style“ debut, her fave fashion-y pop princesses, and her secret behind remaining flaw-free in the Aruba heat/NYC frigid freak show.

Charlotte Ronson's S/S 2013 Collection in Aruba.
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MTV STYLE: Is this your first poolside show?

CHARLOTTE RONSON: I did one of my earlier presentations at a hotel in the garment district area when I first started. We had of these girls on the steps in front of the pool—very springy. But this is my first time and first show in Aruba.

What were your expectations of Aruba In Style?

I didn't even know if I would make it! I didn't know exactly but they did this with Issa London last time, so I figured it would all work out.

Do you have a favorite piece from your SS13 collection?

I think my favorite at first was the yellow dress and that's what I wore to my show during NYFW. It's a little polo dress with a mesh sleeve and a collar.

Describe the collection in five words…go!

That's tough! Sunny…Feminine…peek-a-boo! You know, the cut-outs and playing around with the sheer. It makes it a bit more flirty and sexy.

You're a fan favorite for many a pop starlet. Any favorites of yours who werked your designs?

I always get excited when I see people like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj wearing my clothing. Nicki wore these cute little floral mesh shorts. I wore it too and so did Samantha [Ronson]. We did a who wore it worst.

Who won?

We all wore it differently. There's only one pair—we made it for runway only. But I like it when people make it their own. That's so important because it comes to life differently on everyone.

What is your favorite fashion-y music video of all time?

I think I'll always love "Freedom" by George Michael. It's the best.

You have a very musical family…Can you sing or produce?

Absolutely not. I can sing. I was in Glee club when I was younger, but no. I like to be more behind the scenes.

The music for your shows = perpetual perfection. Chairlift! Tweet’s “Oops (Oh My)”! *Dead* How did you select the tunes for SS13?

I really go into a theme and the inspiration behind it. Samantha always does the music for my show—Mark's [Ronson] done it a few times but Samantha does it more. She was able to come in a little bit before and see the clothes in the office. You don't really get the samples in until last minute so it's better for me to explain the inspiration in person and for Samantha to see it on the girls.

What was the last song you downloaded off of iTunes?

I just bought the new Bruno Mars' song "Locked Out of Heaven". It's awesome. Mark did it!

It's been bananas-ly HAWT in Aruba this weekend. How are you coping beauty routine-wise during your stay?

It's important to wear a lot of moisturizer and to wash my face. I get the mini Cetaphil for these quick short weekends and use other products with SPF. I have a line with Sephora and I made this beach hairspray which is perfect. It gives you the beach-y hair, but it also protects your hair from the sun and gives it moisture. I also made a lipstick/lip stain for Sephora called Double XO—it's a lipstick and lip stain on both ends.

You're sporting a killer tan, gurl.

Thanks! It's all about wearing sunblock though—I see so many people that don't and it's not a good look…My pale pale pale is a green color. It's not so cute.

Meanwhile, back in NYC it's insanely cold.

Winter is also so about moisturizer. I think less is more in the winter. But I do make a blush and a bronzer stick and that's good to give you that little sun-kissed look in the winter. It makes you look a little bit healthier. A little color is nice.

If you could raid your style icon's closet, who would it be?

I feel like Jane Birkin probably has amazing amazing amazing clothes. And Jade Jagger.

Who was your favorite fashion-friendly pop star growing up?

Madonna, definitely. I didn't necessarily wanna look like her but I was just fascinated by her and loved her music. My sister was obsessed with Cyndi Lauper and Mark was obsessed with Duran Duran. I loved her videos for "Material Girl", "Dress You Up" and "Papa Don't Preach"… She was always like a different person which I think is awesome. You don't always have to fit a certain mold.

What's next for you?

I have my JCPenney's and Sephora line. And I did a bikini collaboration with Shoshanna so that was fun to wear my bikinis this week. I launched bags this spring. We don't have them here because they were trapped in the showroom's office because the power went out.

What kind of girl wears Charlotte Ronson?

She's feminine, effortless with a little twist of tomboy. Nothing too precious, nothing too perfect but also very wearable.

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