Katy Perry And Beyonce Show Their Support For Barack Obama In Style

Katy Perry and Beyonce both showed their Obama pride over the weekend.
Photo: Getty

Barack Obama has some seriously heavy hitters in his corner, from Vogue's Anna Wintour, to The New Yorker magazine, to two of the biggest stars in the music game today: Katy Perry and Beyonce Knowles. Katy has been on the road for the incumbent president for a couple of weeks now, performing at campaign rallies and getting people to come out and vote. We all flipped over her latex ballot dress for the "30 Days To Victory Concert," and her Obama manicure and this weekend Katy took her endorsement game even further at a Milwaukee rally, in another latex dress for Obama, this time blue and emblazoned with the campaign's slogan "Forward" and their logo as the 'o.' Meanwhile, Beyonce broke out her Erika Pena "Obama" hoop earrings at the Brooklyn Nets home opening game on Saturday night. IT makes sense that both stars are going all out in the final days of the election, as everyone's voter registration confirmations are coming in and undecided voters are making up their minds. If you're still on the fence, head over to The Power of 12, for all the info you need, and if you missed MTV's interview with President Obama, you can still check it out here. While you might not be wearing Katy's dress to your polling place tomorrow, you can get Bey's easy endorsement look, and you won't even break the bank. We'll tell you how after the jump.

Last week, MTV's Rapfix blog reported that Bey's earrings, which she first rocked two weeks ago while out to lunch with Jay and her mother, were selling like hotcakes ever since the star was spotted in them. Its no surprise, because not only are the earrings a super chic way to show you're support for the candidate, but they're also SUPER affordable. The hoops will set you back a mere $32 (plus shipping), and although they've since sold out, the designer says they will be back in stock at a later date.

Have you been sartorially repping your fave candidate this election season?

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