Lady Gaga's Latest Meat Dress Involves A Hot Dog

Lady Gaga Meat Dress Hot Dog

Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards and on Nov. 4.
Photo: Getty Images/Vimeo

First off, can we just take a moment to soak in what's happening the photo above because, hahaha, it's freaking AMAZING. Lady Gaga was caught sporting a meat dress once again, but instead of wearing a couture handmade frock (like the one from the 2010 Video Music Awards) she wore, well, this hot dog onesie. With no arms. *golf claps* Over the weekend Gaga posted a video to her Little Monsters social network called "DJWS Vision No. 1" (DJWS = DJ White Shadow for those not in the know) with the caption, "OK we made u a surprise. This is DJWS vision no. 1 AND YES that is me in the hot dog costume trying to be funny." So, of course we watched that bad boy as fast as humanly possible and completely DIED at Mother Monster's armless dancing about a minute in. I mean, girl is definitely succeeding in the funny department. Mama like!

While the iconic original meat dress was made from actual slabs of beef by Franc Fernandez, Lady Gaga's latest incarnation is a little less literal. She sported a sausage-inspired ensemble complete with a bun, mustard and relish all along the top (it's only a few veggies short of a Chicago-style dog!) all in good fun. This year she's been wearing a shorter, more constructed version of the meat dress during her Born This Way Ball tour, but we have to say we're kiinddd of obsessed with the most recent rendition. Why? 1.) Because, um, it's hilarious and 2.) It actually makes us hungry. Like, we're salivating right now, and it makes us feel weird. But what do you think—do you like Lady Gaga's hot dog dress or should she just stick to one meat frock in her wardrobe?


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