One Direction Gets Preppy With Puppies For 'Wonderland' Magazine

One Direction

One Direction on the cover of Wonderland Magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of Wonderland Magazine

I'm not sure why or how Wonderland Magazine is the first editorial to unlock the "One Direction + cable knit cashmere sweaters + flexible hold hair product + PUPPIES" equation, but I am so THANKFUL for it. The cover and the extreme close-up spread that inhabits the pages of Wonderland's November/December "Obsession Issue" are such guaranteed lady-kryptonite, if I could cut the copy here and just embed a GIF of me sitting at my computer with my mouth gaping open and glittering pixelated hearts for eyes, I WOULD.

The 1D dudes are always dressed to the nines and similarly perfectly coiffed, but this preppy steez, and more importantly, the uniformity of it, is rare for the Brit-Irish boy band. The typical One Direction wardrobe consists of varying silhouettes and textures that are held together by a STRICT adherence to a head-to-toe, dude-to-dude color scheme (Exhibit A, B, and C).

The Wonderland styling and inclusion of puppies sits somewhere between an Awkward Family Photo (an admitted inspiration for the shoot) and every teenage girl's DREAM Easter morning and hits just the right wavelength of weird that this cover has officially become my favorite thing EVER. If you're with me, appaaaaarently the masterminds at Wonderland are also giving away five posters of the cover if you tweet at them (@wonderlandmag) a good reason you deserve one! Bloggers can haz, too? *whimpers, bats lashes*


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