Kesh: These Are A Few Of Her Favorite Things

Photo: Kesh

Digital artist visionary/sartorial slayer aka Kesh had me at "HEY GIRL!" (Okay, maybe I said that to her whilst drooling over her goth Princess Leia-ish buns.) There was also our subsequent bonding over Britney's obscure naughty pop gem known as "Phonography". It was a grey evening at the Standard Hotel Grill and Kesh was kicking it at the bar with our mutual dark poptress BFF, Natalia Kills, both clad in their best goth garb and working the most purrfect cat eyes in the universe. And so it began. I thought I already knew a lot about Kesh via stalking her (hiiii, she's the mastermind behind Azealia Banks' ravishing raver bananas-ly Beetlejuice-tinged look at Coachella) and is a front row staple at every fashion week/fashion show that matters. I've also been itching whilst schvitzing for an invite to "The Cave" in her LA pad, where, as it's been told, Kesh brews her creative magic, photographing other aesthetically-awesome artists (see: Blood Orange, Venus X) in the ultimate meeting-of-the-well-dressed-minds. But I didn't expect our heartless-heart strings to bind us together for eternity. I blame it on the English accent and black lipstick kisses and maybe the Illuminati.

I also forevs appreciate Kesh for kindly offering me one of her signature mesh tops to rock at the Jeremy Scott NYFW after-party for which she was DJing. (Note: Although I was two shots towards blackout, I just had to decline knowing that no strobe light could compliment my midriff.) You'd be a hot mess to try and pigeonhole the multi-talented artist (and I'm too lazy to begin to list all of her talents—from designer to creative director.) Next up for the unstoppable artist is her photo show held in LA on her 26th b-day awesomely titled "ME.ME.ME.", which PS, is invite only, so getcha The Craft-inspired witchy numbers on LA'ers, werk it for the door girl, and g'luck! Oh, and there’s also her upcoming KESH X WAH nails special edish collab. *BITES OFF HELLO KITTY NAIL ART IN EXCITEMENT* Until then, here’s Kesh's favorite sartorial spellbinding things. *Faints*

Kesh in her Jeremy Scott x adidas jacket.
Photo: Kesh

Statement Piece: My black winged Jeremy Scott x adidas originals leather jacket, or my 1/1 black pvc holographic catsuit made by Vally from Freak City LA. They're special to me because they're made by people I admire.

Pictureplane's cover art.
Photo: Courtesy of Kesh

Album Cover Art: Pictureplane - "Thee physical"

Karaoke Jam: Dolly Parton - "Jolene" (with the accent and everything)

Tattoo: Both sides of my head. Back of my neck. Right inner ankle. No regrets.

eBay Purchase: Never used it. I rarely shop.

Style Era: The pasts predictions of the future in film. 80's, 90's, 2000's.

Fashion Icon: Catwoman.

Blogs: Don't read them.

Hangover Remedy: An XXXXL Coke.

Perfume: Anything that won't burn my skin off. Any of those big brands. Right now I think I'm using something by Balenciaga i think.

Nail Polish: Black. Sometimes with a little white on top with a WAH nails x Models Own nail pen. We just finished a collaboration. KESH X WAH special edition nails coming soon.

Shoes: Doc Martens. All day. Every day. Every country. Every city. Or an occasional over the top rare stripper heel if it's a special occasion.

Bag: Right now I'm sporting a no brand black backpack. Not sure where it came from but I can't get rid of it.

Songs to DJ:

Natalia Kills - "Controversy"

Kingdom - "Bust Broke"

NguzuNguzu - "Got U"

Zomby - "Vortex"

Zak-Matik - "Soundwave"

DMX - "Get it on the floor"

Hair Product: Elnett hairspray. My kitty ears wouldn't exist without it.

Artists you’ve worked with: Kanye West, Natalia Kills, Theophilus London, Azealia Banks, David Burrows, Insa, Niko the Ikon, Guillaume Doubet. <3 them all.

Fashion in a music video: All outfits from Janet Jackson and Busta Rhymes—What's it gonna be <333333333

Kesh in Jean Charles De Castelbajac.
Photo: Sophie Mhabille

Front row experience: Having a grazed eyeball at the Jean Charles De Castelbajac show in Paris. I almost had to wear an eyepatch.

Kesh's lip look.
Photo: Kesh

Lipstick: Black on my artwork, reds, purples on my flesh. MAC usually has all the right stuff.

Stores: WAH nails London, Jean Charles De Castelbajac Paris, Freak City LA, Oh Wow bookshop NY, Bleach hair Salon London, Pigalle Paris. Like I said, I don't shop so I'm just saying these because they’re owned by my good friends and I like their products.

Jewelry: Dominic Jones Jewelry—a self titled brand by a talented boy that I've known since i was 19. I was just featured in his new campaign alongside 3 beautiful blondes (Alice Dellal, Phoebe Collings-James and Chelsea Leyland). AMBUSH by amazing design duo in Tokyo Yoon and Verbal. Or a simple set of safety pins in each ear.