Cosmetics-Infused Denim Is Now A Thing

Wrangler denim

A style from Wrangler's Denim Spa Collection.
Photo: via Wrangler Chile Facebook

Between waxed, ombre, and pretty much every print imaginable, it's official— basic blue jeans are SO over. And while the most recent crazy incarnation of denim may look normal, these new pairs prove that it's what's below the surface that really matters. A slew of labels like Wrangler and LeRock have just rolled out collections of cosmetics-infused denim, which promise to be softer, stronger and more comfy than normal jeans, all while improving your skin. Wait, what?! In scientific terms, this means incorporating nanoparticles of Vitamin E, amino acids, and antioxidents into the fabric. According to WWD of Wrangler's new Spa Therapy collection, "The jeans’ therapeutic finishes have aloe vera or olive extracts to soothe the skin. The company claims that the collection’s jeans contain circulation-boosting and cellulite-reducing elements, and also feature moisturizers and a delicate jasmine fragrance." Is it just us, or do these jeans sound MAGICAL? Unfortunately, that means it's usually too good to be true.

The downside is these supposed effects don't last forever. Some companies claim that the aloe vera and moisturizing treatment last between six to eight washes, whereas others say the results end after 30 days. With price tags ranging from about $130 to $275, this denim doesn't come cheap. Are you willing to give these cosmetics-infused pants a shot, or are you perfectly happy with your jeans the old-fashioned way, thankyouverymuch? Let us know!

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