New York Times Street Style Photographer Bill Cunningham Back To Work In Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

Bill Cunningham taking street style photos.
Photo: @Pennydelossantos Instagram

As New York City begins to pick itself up and dust itself off in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, its residents are slowly trickling back into their offices and onto the streets. The destruction of the storm was unprecedented, and the city (including the staff here at MTV Style) are still feeling the effects. New Yorkers are a dedicated bunch, though, so it should be no surprise that some of the city's most legendary residents are out pounding the pavement and doing what they do best: working. Among them, legendary New York Times street style photographer Bill Cunningham, who was himself snapped, and by another well known photographer no less, while biking around the city in the aftermath of the hurricane. Food photog Penny De Los Santos took a photo of Cunningham after he had taken one of her, according to the caption on Instagram. "And as luck would have it, I had my photo taken by NYT photographer Bill Cunningham yesterday. #sandy" De Los Santos said, including the popular hashtag people have been associating with storm-related posts on social media. We can see why she was unwilling to let Bill stay behind the lens--his own storm style was something totally worth taking note of.

Riding a royal blue bicycle through the leaf-strewn city streets, Cunningham took a utilitarian approach to his storm fashion, wearing a matching royal blue poncho, khaki pants, classic short duck boots, and a black watch cap. We're looking forward to seeing Cunningham's photos of other New Yorkers out and about in the days following the hurricane, but we hope Bill is being safe out there.

Our thoughts are with those people, in New York and other states hit by Hurricane Sandy, who are still struggling with damages from the storm.

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