Halloween 2012: The Lazy Girl's Guide

Oh, shiz! *looks at watch* Halloween is, like, right now, and if you still don't have a costume yet, you might be freaking out. Don't worry, though—we've got some super quick costumes you can put together from pieces that are sitting in your apartment right this second. Whether you've been procrastinating, forgot, or are just plain lazy, we're SURE you can pull something totally awesome together before dusk hits. C'mon girl, let's go! Time's a wastin'.


Lazy Girl Halloween Costumes

Photo: Modcloth/Walmart/BeltOutlet.com

If you own a solid yellow dress/coat/shirtdress/tunic/basically ANYTHING of this variety, you can be the super 'dorbs Morton Salt Girl. It's simple: Slip on the dress (the one shown here is from Modcloth), grab a (preferably) white umbrella (like this ElieBrellas wooden handle one), pick up some Morton Salt from your local grocery store, and BAM! You've got a costume. Extra points if you have white tights and yellow flats to finish the look.


Lazy Girl Halloween Costumes

Photo: American Apparel/Staples

OK, this egg costume is for the ultimate lazy girl because, um, you have absolutely no excuses here. Everyone owns a white T-shirt (the one shown here is from American Apparel). If you're the crafty type and already own yellow paper, GOOD FOR YOU. Just cut it into a circle and tape/pin/staple it to you shirt, and you're donezo. If you don't have yellow paper, color a plain sheet with a yellow marker and then cut it out. If you don't have paper, well, you can always "borrow" it from the printer at work (THAT'S NOT STEALING BECAUSE YOU WORK THERE) or just straight up color a circle directly on the tee if you don't mind ruining it. If you have white tights, go ahead and wear those too, but if not, wear jeans like a normal person. We ain't mad.


Lazy Girl Halloween Costumes

Photo: American Apparel/Walgreens

If you own a nautical striped shirt (which is a great wardrobe staple, BTW), then you've already got half of this costume covered! To get the ultimate Frenchman look, throw on a boatneck striped top, a red beret, and tie a red scarf around your neck. Finish the look by drawing a curly moustache on your upper lip with any drugstore eyeliner (the one shown here is from Walgreens), and if you want the EXACT pieces seen above, all the products are from American Apparel for a one-stop-shop outfit creation. Now you just need to practice that French accent, oui?


Lazy Girl Halloween Costumes

Photo: Urban Outfitters

If time is of the essence and you don't mind dropping some dough, these comfy onesies from Urban Outfitters also double as Halloween costumes. Like, literally you can just throw this over whatever you're wearing ON THE WAY TO A PARTY. Yeah, it's that easy. There's a cupcake poncho if you want to look super sweet, or an owl jumpsuit if you want to look super smart. Please note that both ensembles include a hood so you DON'T EVEN HAVE TO DO YOUR HAIR. *cries in happiness*

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