Would You Wear These Toothy Shoes?

Tooth Shoes

Would you wear these toothy Apex Predator Shoes?
Photo: Courtesy of Fantich & Young

Since it is Halloween, after all, we bring you this Wednesday a fashion tale of weird. Take a good long peek at these toothy oxfords by Fantich & Young. Dubbed their "Apex Predator Shoes," the strange kicks are part of one of the British art duo's installments which shows alongside their "Apex Predator Suit." Being works of art and not entirely wearable, it's a bit of a useless question to ask, "Would you wear this?" HOWEVER, if you're reading this now, you're already half-way through a post about shoes that have what look like HUMAN TEETH growing from the bottoms, soooo chances are you've developed your own answer regardless.

Both the shoes and the suit are constructed off a base of Savile Row classics: black leather toe cap oxfords and a black tailored suit respectively. The shoes are a pristine patent in a UK size 15 and feature a full bed of 1,050 teeth dentures (a choice few of which are GOLD) covering the entirety of both shoe bottoms from toe to heel. Their counterpart suit, meanwhile, is covered with human hair and embellished with more denture along the lapel and breast pocket and uses glass eyes as buttons. Spooky! What do you guys think? Do these Fantich & Young shoes freak you out or would you rock them for the shock factor? AND would you dare wear them with their matching suit? Let us know in the comments below!

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