The Best Day Of The Dead Nail Art

We're well aware that Halloween is just a couple days away, and we've definitely been finding some badass ways to celebrate (check out our zombie and mix 'n' match nails), but there's also another GIGANTIC holiday coming up later this week—the Day of the Dead! The Mexican fete, which takes place on Nov. 1, honors those that have passed away by decorating sugar skulls and visiting the graves of the deceased. Here at MTV Style, we always have to celebrate holidays in the most stylish of ways, so we rounded up our favorite Día de los Muertos-inspired sets for you to try below. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to it!

Day Of The Dead Nail Art

Photo: Via Nancy McNails

Uhhh, these might be the coolest Day of the Dead nails we have ever seen. The attention to detail on each finger is AMAZE, not to mention the flowers on the eyes are 3D. Yes, 3 freakin' D! This is what we call "aspirational" nail art because, well, hahaha, we aren't gonna be able to recreate these on our tips during our lifetime, but we must commend them on their ability. *bows down*

Day Of The Dead Nail Art

Photo: Via Eriko Nakao

We love how these nails not only nod to the sugar skull design but also the crosses made of flowers that are typically hung on alters or gravestones. She also sported two nails that are influenced by the traditional Mexican serape pattern, which we LOVE. *golf claps*

Day Of The Dead Nail Art

Photo: Via Sonoma Nail Art

We like how this set of sugar skulls is super colorful and still totally badass. She decided to colorblock each nail in similar-yet-slightly-different hue, which gives it this subtley awesome effect.

Day Of The Dead Nail Art

Photo: Via Pixie Amor

If you want to keep the entire look more consistent, we love this clean and fresh take on the Day of the Dead design. She used all white for the base, black for the details, and a dot of pink, yellow, and green on each flower petal. FUN!

If you've got some serious time on your hands (and mad art skills), you could do a different design on each finger, as seen above. She created a flaming heart on her thumb, a sugar skull on her pointer and ring finger, a flower on her middle finger, and a cross on her pinky. Whew, we're getting tired just LOOKING at it.

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