Go Halloween Shopping With Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice in her Halloween shopping creation.
Photo: MTV

In her new movie Fun Size, Victoria Justice plays a girl forced to babysit her brother on Halloween instead of going to the coolest party, where she was, of course, invited by the cutest guy. In an adorable Dorothy costume, Victoria and her brother get into all kinds of spooky holiday hijinx and hilarity ensues. MTV News' Christina Garibaldi took Justice shopping for Halloween costumes, and in the video that you can watch below, you'll see that the star is 100% in the Halloween spirit. Between a unicorn mask, feather boa, and some really hair-raising werewolf gloves, the actress puts together a look that might not be winning any costume contests, but is certainly hilarious. Watch the video after the jump!

In the interview, Victoria reveals that one of her own favorite costumes was Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz, and that she loves her character's sparkly red Converse in the movie. We think this is a pretty awesome twist on the classic ruby slippers, so if you're looking for some last minute inspiration, take it from Victoria Justice and pair some red sneaks with a blue jumper! Instant costume!

MTV News | Victoria Justice Enjoys Some 'Fun Size' Costume Shopping