House Of Style: Joan And Todd Make A Halloween Costume [Video]

One of my absolute, hands down favorite aspects of the original House of Style was getting to spend time with our DIY expert—Todd Oldham. His segments were called "Todd Time" and in them, the great American designer would teach you everything from how to cut your own hair to how to use a glue gun to reupholster a flea market chair. The coolest part wasn't necessarily the project or the final product, but how you could apply a lot of the tricks and principles to a host of other fun tasks.

We are THRILLED that Todd agreed to join us again and this very special Halloween episode, he and our host Joan Smalls re-creates one of her favorite movie characters of all time—The Corpse Bride (or Victoria Everglot if we're being pedantic). The results are STUNNING! I'm not going to give away too much but I will say that white duct tape is a magical ingredient that I will strive to find ever-exciting applications for and that Todd's dedication to replicating every detail—from the tattered hem to the exposed sliver of rib on the bodice of the dress—is what elevated this costume to AWESOME STATUS.

Oh, PLUS, seriously, you could legit put this whole thing together in about 6 hours (less if you get a nimble-fingered friend to help you) with a wee bit of shopping and ZERO sewing. So if you're still stuck on a costume idea and have parties to attend, you do NOT have to be a "sexy/zombie Waldo" or "a cat" and you absolutely don't have to stick your head in a binder at a poor attempt at an "election-year-meme-based-irony-costume" because: zzzzzzzzznore.

Anyway, I could honestly write a several thousand word opus on why Todd Oldham is an important creator, a boon to humankind, and (perhaps most importantly) HILARIOUS but I'll let you guys figure that out by yourself. In the meantime, happy Halloween and in keeping with the delightful stop-motion theme of this episode's costume inspiration, check out this video he and his crew made for his Kid Made Modern collection for Target. It's laboriously put together and completely heartfelt. A.k.a. it's SO Todd.

Psssssst: If you guys are reading this in the New York area and waiting out this crazy storm, stay safe and dry!


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