Rita Ora Is The New Face Of Superga!

Rita Ora.
Photo: Getty Images

When we first broke the news that Rita Ora had signed with Next Models, we knew it would only be a matter of time before the Kosovo-born, U.K.-bred pop star nabbed her very first campaign. But while we predicted that her streetwear-cool style would translate well for fashion brands like Ashish, Joyrich, or The Hundreds, Rita pulled a fast one on us with something totally different! We hear she'll be fronting the new Superga campaign for Spring/Summer 2013...yes, the very same Italian footwear brand that Alexa Chung modeled this past season. The gig might seem unexpected for about 0.2 seconds, but when you think about it the news actually makes a LOT of sense. After all, this is a girl who wears her sneakers with literally everything- and looks freaking amazing no matter what.

Keep an eye out for Rita's print and online campaign images, which start rolling out in a couple of months. To tide us over until then, though, we're going to start making bets on the ads. Will she go glam, pairing her sneakers with a flouncy skirt and moto jacket a la Unplugged? Will she channel the '90s-again- in Gwen Stefani baggy pants and a cropped top? OR will she whip out one of her trademark jumpsuits? Let us know what you think!

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