Halloween 2012: "Frankenstorm" And Other Weather-Based Costume Ideas!

If you live anywhere on the Atlantic coastline, you've undoubtedly heard talk of the impending "Frankenstorm" also known as the "Snor'eastercane" — a weather monstrosity of epic proportions which is currently threatening the United States' east coast with floods, high winds, and upwards of a BILLION dollars worth of damage. News hot topics are always the perfect fodder for Halloween costumes, so what better thing to be on Halloween than the very thing that's encroaching on your good time? Plus, West Coasters and those of you living in Central and Mountain time, can absolutely also take part as news of the big storm spreads across the nation (whether you're wearing the costume ironically or not is your call). Here are two ways — one solo and one group effort — you can embody the All Hallows' Eve weather buzzkill with your costume!



Dress as Frankenstorm for Halloween.
Photo: Courtesy of Spirit Halloween/Costume Craze/Turtle Contacts

GET IT?!? Two Halloween staples — monsters and superheroes — combine here for one hilariously relevant costume idea. Pick up the Frankenstein makeup and monster effects in the same place as the essentials for one of the X-Men series' most badass heroines, and BOOM! Insta-costume.

+ Green Face Paint: Green Cream Makeup ($1.99)

+ Monster Effects: Monster FX Kit ($9.99)

+ Storm Costume: Adult Storm Costume ($53.89)

+ Wig: Vampire Vixen Wig ($19.99)

+ White Contacts: White-Out Contact Lenses ($49.99)



Dress as Snor'eastercane for Halloween.
Photo: Courtesy of Forever 21/Office Depot

If you're really in a rush (the weekend does start, erm, NOW after all), get some people together, dress somewhat uniformly (we suggest similarly solid sweaters in different colors), and divide up the elements of the "Snor'eastercane." Someone can be snow. Someone can be wind. Someone can be rain. And someone can be all the fallen leaves and random debris. Heck, multiple people can be the same thing! And then you can all run around parties, raising hell and knocking stuff over and it'll all just be ~part of your costume~. *WINK*

+ White Sweater: Lace Overlay Crewneck Sweater ($17.80)

+ Maroon Sweater: Chunky Ribbed Knit Sweater ($22.80)

+ Silver Sweater: Longline Metallic Blend Sweater ($24.80)

+ Blue Sweater: Green Cream Makeup ($22.80)

+ Construction Paper: Rainbow Super Value Construction Paper ($6.08)

+ Scissors: Fiskars Student Scissors ($5.79)

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