Alexander Wang's Niece And Karlie Kloss Take Spring 2013 Collection From Day To Night

Alia Wang, Karlie Kloss

Alia Wang and Karlie Kloss in Alexander Wang Spring 2013 designs.
Photo: Amy Creyer/Getty Images

It's well-storied within the fashion community that Alexander Wang's niece, Aila, is one of the (expectedly) best-dressed children on the planet. (Sorry, Suri Cruise!) But seeing her clad in custom threads from her sartorial magician of an uncle AND juxtaposed with Karlie Kloss serving up smoky-eyed realness in the same collection? Our brains have had such a difficult time reconciling the simultaneous cute and fierce that yea, we ARE still talking about these looks close to a month after they each first graced the world. YOU MAD??? The clincher for us is how next-level genius Wang's Spring 2013 collection is rendered by seeing these images in tandem.

Sure, Aila most likely doesn't know her multiplication tables yet, and okay, we can't even be sure she dressed herself that beautiful New York Fashion Week afternoon, but there are some seriously advanced day-to-night wardrobe economics behind her ensemble (and Karlie's!). Here, fashion's favorite little tyke wears an outfit that illustrates how you (yes, even you, at LEAST ten years her senior!) can make the leather dress work for daytime by keeping the look monochrome and assembling the rest of the outfit with laid-back staples: a pair of sleek sneakers, relaxed wayfarer sunglasses, a quilted cross-body purse, and a natural approach to the beauty game. Karlie, in turn, dresses it up for Carine Roitfeld's Le Bal during Paris Fashion Week with punchy, badass heels and a heavy-handed application of eyeliner and shadow.

Granted, the girls aren't wearing the exact same design (I mean, no toddler needs or wants to be wearing slits that high and cut-outs that plentiful and fragile), but Aila's one-off version is very clearly based on the collection look Karlie wears here. All the same, the side-by-side of these ensembles is such an education in the transformative powers of styling, and if ever you find yourself wanting to splurge on a straight-off-the-runway designer piece, let this be an example of how to get the most fashion bang for your buck.


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