Vanessa Hudgens Proves That Skeleton Style Is Having A Moment

Vanessa Hudgens wears a skeleton sweatshirt from Wildfox Couture.
Photo: via Wildfox Couture/ Alexander McQueen/ Nasty Gal/ Jeremy Scott/ Topshop

Going all out as Karl Lagerfeld, PSY, or Katy Perry for Halloween is one thing. But incorporating spooky, All Hallows Eve-inspired motifs into your everyday wardrobe? That's TOTALLY different. Whether it's creepy Converse or Beetlejuice stripes n' skulls, all that stuff we normally save for October 31 has suddenly become stylish, and we've got rock-solid proof. Labels like Alexander McQueen, Topshop, Nike, and Wildfox have all rolled out their own takes on the skeleton fashion trend with head-to-toe outifts splashed with the x-ray motif. We first spotted Vanessa Hudgens out and about in L.A. sporting Wildfox's oversized sweater way back in August. But now that it's officially less than one week until Halloween, there's no better time to follow her lead and hop on board.

Shopping for skeletons (ha) doesn't really get any easier than Wildfox, which has an entire section of its website devoted to ghoulish designs. Topshop also has a seriously awesome selection, including t-shirts, leggings, and an amazing half-sheer dress with abstract, floral-esque bones. But if you'd rather go a bit more, er, literal, check out the new running tights from Nike. Digitally printed with images of real x-ray bones on the front and the back, this is the most anatomically correct outfit we've seen in...forever? We also love Alexander McQueen's twisted artsy version, which he's splashed across a racerback tank. Topped off with Nasty Gal's statement platform sneakers and Jeremy Scott's "X-RAY VISION" shades, these are pieces you can wear long after Halloween is over...just maybe not all together.

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