A Closer Look At Kanye West's Metalhead Sweatpants

Kaye West Metal Patch Sweatpants

Kanye West at the Versace store opening in New York on Oct. 24.
Photo: Getty Images

Yeah, you read that headline right: Kanye West was spotted at the Versace store opening yesterday wearing black sweatpants with giant, heavy metal patches plastered all across the front. He paired his slacks with a cozy black tee, a black leather motorcycle jacket, a gold chain (underneath) and, of course, his signature Air Yeezy 2s. Now, we never thought 'Ye was a metalhead, but his pentagram-adorned pants are proving otherwise. The slacks featured an "Exit" and two "Metal" patches along the front of his left leg, and on his right side, we peeped a neon green pentagram and (what looks like) a Baphomet head on his knee. Guys, should we be scared? *ducks*

Well, we looked a little deeper into the meaning behind Kanye's pantalones (basically we just hit up our metalhead friends/zoomed into the photo reallyyyy close), and the interesting/hilarious about the whole thing is that none of these patches represent actual metal bands. I mean, that Baphomet head on his knee is a definite nod to satanism in death metal culture, but really, all of these are fake band patches. :( BUMMER. We would probably flip our shiz if Kanye wore actual Iron Maiden or Slayer paraphernalia on his pants because that'd be AMAZING (rapper + metalhead = dream come true), but maybe he just decided to bust these bad boys out to get into the satanic Halloween spirit. Either way, we think it's kind of awesome he's sporting metal patches on sweatpants in TOTAL confidence, but what do you think—do you like Kanye's look? Let us know in the comments!

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