The EmotiStyle Girls Dish On Smart, Not Skanky Halloween Costume Music Video

EmotiStyle as toast for Halloween.
Photo: via Emotistyle

"Sexy" Sesame Street Halloween costumes may be a thing this year, but C'MON, guys...we can do so much better than that! After all, Halloween is all about flexing those creative DIY muscles, and wearing next to nothing in your scantily clad bunny outfit? Ehh...not exactly mindblowing (insert Mean Girls quote here). In a stroke of internet magic this morning, we discovered an amazingly awesome music video with the exact same message...and some rad dance moves to boot. The brilliantly-titled "Things You Can Be On Halloween Besides Naked!!!" comes courtesy of New York-based comedians EmotiStyle and is basically a hilarious how-to dress guide while still keeping your clothes on. Zipping through clever AND covered-up costume ideas like phone chargers, toast, and Louis CK, the outfit options in the clip are accompanied by zingers such as “You can just be a nurse. You don’t have to be a sexy nurse.” #Truth. So because we're obsessed (and wanted to pick their Halloween-y brains), we tracked down EmotiStyle's Shamikah and Molly to talk about the problems with costume shopping, Halloween dos and don'ts, and why fashion dreams rarely come in a plastic bag. See what they have to say after the jump!

MTV STYLE: How did this video come about?

Emotistyle: We had been doing the Emotistyle channel for a year, and used to do videos where we used artists' music. But since you can't do that anymore, we decided to write our own music to make videos to. Halloween is collectively our favorite holiday, and we thought it was funny how all the costume options for women are a sexy version of something. Like, why be THIS when you can be SEXY THIS?

MTV STYLE: Where did the costume ideas come from?

Emotistyle: We love Louis CK and Bill Cosby, so the whole thing basically hinged on that [laughing]. Just kidding, but we do love them. Some of the others were real costumes we've actually done, like The Color Purple or Grey Gardens. Also, we wanted to do a comparison on what you see in a store versus what these things look like in real life. It's like, instead of a sexy nurse why not dress up like a nurse that actually helps someone live?!

MTV STYLE: Exactly. Where do you guys get your Halloween inspiration?

Emotistyle: Halloween or not, we really believe that fashion is a form of self-expression. So why not pick that thing that you love and are most excited about and find a way to do it? Listen, if they sold your dreams in a plastic bag at a Halloween shop, then go and buy it. But if not, take a few extra steps and create it for yourself.

MTV STYLE: What are your Halloween costume dos and don'ts?

Emotistyle: Do wear something you can dance in! Don't go barefoot. Even if you're Wilma in The Flintstones, don't do it! What is someone dropped a bottle? It's like, we all know that Adam and Eve were barefoot, but nobody wants bloody feet on the dance floor.

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