Halloween 2012: The Best Mix 'N' Match Manicures

Don't have a Halloween costume yet? Who cayyy-ares! You don't need to get all gussied up to rock some killer nails for All Hallows' Eve. In fact, we kind of like it when people (like Katy Perry!) wear mismatched manis because you can experiment with a different design on each nail. Fun! And listen, we promise these aren't nearly as barf-inducing as our zombie-inspired nail designs from last week, but we WILL guarantee that these sets are sure to stir some spooky feelings from within. First up—Sophie from The Illustrated Nail absolutely stunned us with her scarily on-point mani. From Dracula to Frankenstein to horrifying jack-o-lanterns, she covered all her basis in the most chilling way possible. LOVE!

Halloween Nail Art

Photo: Via Sheszilla

If you're looking for a more cartoon-y take for you Halloween design, we can't get enough of this set from Sheszilla. She managed to include a ghost, bloody fangs, a tombstone, and—our favorite—a mummy all in one manicure. If we're lucky, we MAY be able to recreate one of these designs on our own. A girl can only dream!

Halloween Nail Art

Photo: Via The Nailasaurus

Sammy from The Nailasaurus really impressed us with her take on the Halloween mani. She combined her thumb and ring finger nail art to create one GIANT dancing skeleton. Ob-sessed. She decorated the rest of her digits with spooky silhouettes to really set the mood.

Halloween Nail Art

Photo: Via Algae Veronica

If you're into the whole Tim Burton thing (I mean, who isn't?), now is a better time than ever to celebrate his dark and quirky work. Algae Veronica created Nightmare Before Christmas-themed tips that are SO dead on (heh!) we can barely handle it. Perfection.

Halloween Nail Art

Photo: Via Pics to Pin

How much do we love Halloween nails? Let us count thy ways! This super spooky set features bats, spiderwebs, and even a comic book-inspired, "Boo!" design. Would it be weird if we just, um, wore Halloween-themed nail year-round? Yeah? OK, just making sure because we were seriously thinking about it.

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