House Of Style: Karlie And Joan Shoot Cinemagraphs; Shop At Colette [Video]

House of Style Episode 2: Shooting Cinemagraphs
Stylist: Maher Jridi; Makeup: Sir John; Hair: Sergio Villafane

Who loves portmanteaus??!!! For those who don't know, Cinemagraphs are where cinema and photographs meet in the middle. They're beautiful images where a single element has been animated for several frames to move eerily but elegantly. It's sorta like a GIF within a still photo.

Pioneered by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck and created during NYFW in 2009 as a collaboration between the graphics artist and the photographer (respectively), cinemagraphs have enjoyed HUGE popularity on social media like Tumblr and Twitter. The fashion iterations you've likely seen have predominantly featured hair or hems of dresses blowing in the wind or else a roving eye like, this Coco Rocha version.

Who loves exposition??!!! Anyway, for this episode of House of Style, our hosts Joan and Karlie get dolled up for an exclusive editorial featuring this fancy, newfangled technology and the results are dazzling. HAHA. You know I was dying to say that the results are moving. Check 'em out.


For this episode of House of Style, we’re shopping with Joan and Karlie in the incredible Parisian emporium –Colette. It’s mind-boggling how much trouble you can get yourself into when you visit the house that founder Sarah Andelman (née Lerfel) built some 15 odd years ago. Enclosed within the hallowed walls is everything from menswear to womenswear, shoes, perfume, music—and even art—given that the shopping mecca also houses a gallery (and a restaurant if all that ogling works up an appetite).

In order to see how simpatico our hosts are with each other’s shopping predilections, we tasked Joan and Karlie to pick something out for each other from the squillions of bajillion totally viable and beautiful options. In the process, we also learn a mess of intel on how they shop for themselves. Joan, for example, makes sure to check out the mens’ section when it comes to outerwear and Karlie always looks for classic accessories that feature a twist. Check out the video to see if they succeeded and a special cameo from one of the brightest stars in the fashion x music universe. It’s KANYE WEST! Actually, it’s not. JK it totally is! Is it or isn’t it? WATCH AND FIND OUT. Plus, check out all the goods that the ladies lusted after at Colette.

Joan Smalls' & Karlie Kloss' Favorite Things At Colette

Joan Smalls' & Karlie Kloss' Favorite Things At Colette by mtvstyle featuring yves saint laurent

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