Watch Zac Efron's Smokin' Hot John John Denim Commercial

Zac Efron John John Denim

Zac Efron for John John Denim.
Photo: Courtesy of John John Denim

In August, Zac Efron blessed the world with his beautiful-yet-badass John John Denim campaign, and we are still thanking him for it. Laugh all you want, but just peep one photo from that photo shoot, and you'll completely understand. (See: Image above. YUP.) Lucky for us, the Brazilian clothing brand released another portion of Zac's John John Denim campaign—this time in commercial form. (Meaning: We get to see those giant muscles in action. Gulp.) In it, Zac sports tons of distressed denim in a VERY Fast and the Furious-inspired ad. Like, there are probably more shots of cars burning out and bumpin' the hydraulics than actual fashion, but we ain't mad.

Zac's first look is, well, an actual look. Like, he's just staring back at us from the front seat of his ride with a scruffy beard, tousled hair, and an intimidating smize. YOWZA. Then, we see quick flashes of him in a black and white graphic tank until we end up inside a garage watching Zac bustin' some moves in a studded denim jacket (ME-OW) and a gold watch. After more gratuitous car shots, we get to watch him jump along with some hydraulics and do some some fancy footwork amongst his crew. (Those are some killer dancin' skills, Z-Money.) The video then cuts to Zac showing off his "John John" graphic tee [insert more fancy car B-roll here] until we finding him back in the garage gridin' up on a lady. Eep. *dabs sweat off upper lip* Finally, the culminating scene is Zac standing on his car sporting a leather motorcycle vest, blue tank, and fitted jeans. At the end, we're left with a tired and sweaty shot Zac, which sounds totally gross when we say it outloud, but trust us—it's not. Do yourself a favor and just watch the video below. You'll thank us later.


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