Sky Ferreira Talks Debbie Harry Style, Giant T-Shirts, And 'Everything Is Embarrassing' Fashion

Sky Ferreira

Sky Ferreira.
Photo: Courtesy of Sky Ferreira/ Hedi Slimane

She's sat front row at dozens of fashion shows, made cameos in more magazines than we can even count, and rolled out not just one but TWO glossy, slick-looking music videos this summer. Needless to say, not much can faze Sky Ferreira. However, yesterday we witnessed a rare Sky first as she performed on the S.S. Yankee docked in the Hudson River for her inaugural CMJ . It should go without saying that she totally rocked the boat (heh), belting out tracks from her new Ghost EP, but she looked killer doing so dressed in a cropped sweater, black skirt, and leather ankle boots. Just before Sky hit the stage- sorry, cabin- we sat down with the singer to quiz her on music video fashion, gigantic t-shirts, and ultimate schoolgirl style icons. Check out our interview after the jump!

Sky Ferreira's 'Everything Is Embarassing' music video.
Photo: Capitol Records/VEVO

MTV STYLE: So, we're sitting on a boat and you're about to perform. How do you even dress for this occasion?!

SKY: I know, it's crazy that I'm performing on a boat! Well, I'm wearing a sweater that I bought at Reformation in New York. I actually didn't know that it was cropped when I bought it, but I kind of like that. I'm wearing a basic black skirt, and then these Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony boots. I wear them pretty much everyday because I'm still trying to break them in. I like boots that look a little bit messed up, not too new.

How has your style changed over the years?

When I was like, 15, I always wore giant t-shirts with rappers on them [laughing]. They were huge- like down to my ankles- and I would wear them all the time. I still wear the 2pac one, actually! Also, my hair has changed a bunch. It's naturally dark red and I've been dyeing it since the 8th grade. It was blonde, then I went black, and now I'm back to blonde. Now it's a little shorter and not quite as curly and wild, probably because it's damaged [laughing].

How do you decide what to wear these days?

My look now is literally whatever I decide to put on in the morning. Sometimes I like to wear nice designer stuff, and other times I wear clothes that I've had since middle school. It really depends on how I feel and where I'm going.

What are some of your favorite stores for basic, affordable stuff?

A lot of my stuff is vintage. I live in New York but I'm from L.A., and I like to go to thrift stores and flea markets in both cities. Besides that, I go to Uniqlo and some other place. I've never really been to J.Crew until about 2 days ago, and they have really nice blouses!

How is your onstage style different than your normal look?

They're pretty similar; I have to wear something really comfortable onstage or else I won't be able to perform. There are some moments when I like to dress up, but I never wear stilettos onstage because singing in high heels is just hard. I could maybe do platforms if I was doing just a couple of songs, but that's about it.

You wear the same outfit throughout the entire music video for "Everything Is Embarrassing." What's the story behind that?

[Laughing] Yeah, I had this black Uniqlo top that I tucked into this black jersey skirt; I owned both of them already. We planned the video on really short notice so we kept it pretty simple. I also got to wear these Margiela boots that I had been saving up for for months! They're made out of carpet and so amazing. They only come into the shot for like a millisecond, though, so that's too bad.

Whose style are you obsessed with right now?

It's always hard because I can never think of anyone off the top of my head and then later I'm like, "I should've said this person or this person!" But I really like Kelly Bundy from Married...With Children. Definitely Debbie Harry, too, I love her style. I'm really into the whole schoolgirl thing, and she does that so well. It's all about the blondes for me.

If you could only keep one item in your closet, what would it be?

OK, that would be impossible for me. I can't throw away anything; I'm the worst. I'm always like, "I can't throw this out because it'll come back in fashion in a few years, and it usually does!" Sometimes I become obsessed with something and wear it to death and then need to take a break. Right now my current obsession is this leather jacket I just bought from never comes off.

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