Score Alexa Chung's Dress For Just $110!

Alexa Chung wore a Topshop dress in New York City.
Photo:Getty Images/ Topshop

When it comes to dream celebrity wardrobes we'd love to raid, Alexa Chung's closet is right up at the top of the list. This is a girl who sets trends, period. Sure, she may claim that she's just "ripping off Jane Birkin" with her oft-copied outfits, but we're still giving her major props for bringing that trademark tomboyish-prepster style to a whole new generation. After all, she was wearing cat flats before pretty much EVERYONE else...and now some of our other favorite style stars are following suit. She also manages to make denim overalls look, well, good, and can pull off cutesy bows in a way that's cool, not kiddie. So it's not that surprising that Alexa was on top of her style game yet again in New York City recently, working an adorable black to Glamour magazine's "These Girls" event. What IS surprising, however, is that the dress comes courtesy of one of our favorite fast fashion retailers- Topshop.

Alexa's wearing the U.K. brand's Floral Embroidered Teadress ($110 here), which she paired with black tights and velvet heels. She's also repping Topshop with her crochet bag, proving that the lightweight material looks just as good in the chilly fall as it does during the summer. These quirky bursts of color are enough to offset any LBD fatigue, plus her barely-there makeup and simple pony are an easy look that works all day (and all night). So if you're jumping at the chance to copy Alexa's look, better get on it! We've got a feeling we're not the only ones obsessed...

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