Let's Discuss Hailee Steinfeld's Texas Tuxedo

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld braves the double denim look.
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The double denim look is a notoriously tricky one. Often referred to as the "Texas Tuxedo" (or sometimes the "Canadian Tuxedo"), wearing denim on denim is a bold style move with the distinct potential to go very, very wrong. But sometimes, and BELIEVE us when we say this is extremely rare even for the most famous of celebrities (see Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa the 2001 American Music Awards for indubitable proof) a freak fashion plate like the lovely Hailee Steinfeld takes the risk and knocks it right out of the park.

Little Miss Steinfeld worked a fierce and fearless all-denim ensemble to the Mercedes-Benz Kick Off of National Teen Driver Safety Week in Los Angeles, California - seamlessly and appropriately toeing the line between fashionable and accessible. Also, even though her threads are likely considerably more expensive than your average high school freshman ($218 for that J Brand colorblock chambray shirt and $179 for the Joe's Jeans leopard-print skinnies), the outfit doesn't get in the way of Hailee looking every bit her fresh-faced 15-year-old self.

If denim-on-denim is so difficult to pull off, why does Hailee's look appear so effortless? Our theory: she minimizes pieces while simultaneously maximizing their impact. Sound like nonsensical FASHUN economics? Let us explain. If you count it all out, there are six pieces to this entire outfit: a shirt, a pair of pants, shoes, a necklace, and two bracelets. If her denims were plain, she'd have to sell them as a deliberate outfit MUCH harder, necessitating heavy accessory action. Since the colorblocked chambray shirt with contrasting collar, placket, pocket, and sleeve panels and the printed jeans are both interesting on their own, putting them together demands that the rest of the ensemble is simplified.

Hailee's boots are studded but the silhouette is classic. Her necklace is dainty, and her bracelets are understated but punky. She keeps the look tidy by tucking in her shirt and finishes off the outfit with natural daytime make up and soft waves, keeping it all from looking grossly over-styled. What do you think about Hailee Steinfeld's "Texas Tuxedo"? Would you wear it? Let us know in the comments below!

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