If Beyonce Performs For Super Bowl XLVII Halftime, What Will She Wear?

The internet rumor mills are churning at full-speed this afternoon as speculations that Beyonce MIGHT be the Super Bowl XLVII halftime performer are cropping up seemingly everywhere. [UPDATE: Beyonce CONFIRMED!!! *brain explodes into flurry of blue glitter confetti*] The current football season's Super Bowl will take place February 3, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, the 10th Super Bowl for the Big Easy's stadium. Bey would certainly have some big shoes to fill coming off Madonna's EPIC 2012 halftime show which was not only stacked with career hits ("Vogue," "Music," "Gimme All Your Luvin," and more) but loads of FASHUN. Madge's performance was dripping in Givenchy and Jeremy Scott for adidas, setting the sartorial bar high for whoever might follow. Though Beyonce's performance is still unconfirmed by the NFL and the singer herself, we still wonder what she might bring to the Super Bowl performance outfit table, so we looked to some of Bey's past sports performances (with and without Destiny's Child) for some styling clues. Call it our version of Fantasy Football.


Beyonce performs the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXXVIII and before the 2004 NFL opening game.
Photo: Getty Images

Beyonce has worn ivory suit separates for two major NFL events in the past: singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at Super Bowl XXXVIII and perfoming with Destiny's Child before the 2004 NFL opening game. Bey certainly didn't leave the crisp white look behind in the early aughts (see her "I Was Here" music video for proof), so we definitely think this is fair game if Beyonce hits the New Orleans superdome stage in February. PLUS, blazers and rip-away slacks can always hide a more sparkly ensemble underneath. *WINK*


Beyonce performs at the 2004 NBA All-Star Game, with Carlos Santana at the Super Bowl XXXVII Pregame Show, and at the 2005 NBA All Star Game.
Photo: Getty Images

Performing in the middle of a giant football field for thousands of live audience members and even more at-home television viewers is no small thing. The halftime performer has to go HARD and go BIG, and what better way to do all of the above than by busting out something wildly colorful with a lot of movement? Bey's worn plenty of vibrant windswept numbers on sports stages in the past, so we think this look is a viable Super Bowl option.


Beyonce performs at a Chicago Bears v. Dallas Cowboys halftime show on November 25, 2004 and at the 2005 NBA All Star Game.
Photo: Getty Images

Major performances, ESPECIALLY for Queen Bey, almost always yield major dance moves. While Bey has been doing the leggy bodycon onesie look a lot lately, an outfit made-up of sporty separates might be an unexpected wardrobe dark horse. Take the sparkly crop top and pants she wore for a halftime show in 2004 for example. Or this black and leather look she wore for the 2005 NBA All Star Game. And remember Bey wore a leather jacket and pants for her Jay-Z Barclays Center concert guest appearance earlier this month. Also, that the Super Bowl happens in February (a.k.a. the dead of winter). Chew on THAT for a minute, and if you need us, we'll be drafting up sketches of our fantasy Beyonce Super Bowl outfits!

{via NPR}

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