Halloween 2012: Scarily Real Zombie Nail Art

Sure, we've been getting into the Halloween spirit with killer costume ideas (like Lady Gaga's new and improved meat dress or Katy Perry's enchanted "Wide Awake" look), but we have yet to go down the dark and gory road that is All Hallows' Eve. *evil witch cackle* *thunderclap* If you're willing to get a little grisly with your costume and have some serious nail art skills to boot, we have JUST the thing for you—a zombie-fied manicure that'll definitely add an extra bit of edge to your back-from-the-dead ensemble. I mean, you don't even have to WAIT until Halloween to sport a seriously revolting mani, (I mean, hello, season three of The Walking Dead just premiered yesterday AND that Zombie 5K is just a week away), but you might, um, really gross people out in the meantime. This manicure is all about getting as gruesome as possible—the bloodier, the better! Remember: You are a flesh-eating corpse, and your nails need to reflect that. So, where do we start? Well, take a cue from Samarium's Swatches' blog and use only matte polishes for the beat-up and bruised nail beds, but be sure to keep the "blood" shiny to make it look nice 'n fresh. Mmmmm, humans. Fun tip: She used dark, matte eye shadow around her cuticles and fingertips to add an extra gross touch. PERFECT.

Halloween Zombie Nail Art

Photo: Via Pshiiit

Whew, this mani is only reserved for the oldest of zombies. The thick black tips and extra dark fingertips suggest this corpse has been rotting away for quite some time, and lucky for you, there's an entire video explaining how to recreate this look. (You're welcome.)

A little acrylic nails can go a lonnnggg way, as seen here. Crack those bad boys in half and glue them to your tips to make it look like you've been clawing your way through hoards of dead bodies all night. Extra kudos for not going easy on the fake blood. LOVE.

If you want to go for a more subtle zombie look, we like this take on the dirty cuticle look. Caitlin painted her nails all black, and then took most of it off with polish remover. She's left with some seriously dirty digits, and we LIKE it.

Halloween Zombie Nail Art

Photo: Via More Nail Polish

Sometimes all it takes is some jagged tips to REALLY transform the look. She took some falsies, roughed up the edges, glued 'em on, and dirtied up her fingers. Dead on!

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