House Of Style: Karlie Kloss & Joan Smalls Take On Paris Fashion Week [Video]

Wow. It feels bananas to finally be in that place where we can introduce you to the first episode of the new House of Style. It’s the sort of momentous thing where you want to uglylaugh with bugged-out eyes because you’re so relieved and happy that it’s done and delivered. The premiere is clearly a big deal so we pulled out all the stops and flew to Paris to follow our hosts Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss for the final week of shows during fashion month. For the uninitiated, it goes—New York, London, Milan, and then Paris—so by this point, it’s basically a miracle that the girls are still so excited and energized as they haul their butts from show to show to party.

We also sat and talked with each about what it means to be working on HOS (that's what the cool kids are calling it but not for hashtags and SEO BTW FYI ICYMI FTW) and how their personal styles evolved from the time they were kids to now (spoiler alert: they were darling but recount grim tales about what it was like to be a full foot taller than their prom dates) and how they keep their heads screwed on straight during the hectic weeks.

karlie kloss joan smalls

Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss are the new hosts of 'House of Style.'
Photo: MTV

It’s funny because you can actually monitor Karlie and Joan’s spirits oscillate throughout the day but between the countless appointments and cab rides, you can always peep dramatic spikes when they’re stoked to walk a particular show and get to spend time interviewing their favorite designers.

As you know from the thousands of words I’ve barfed into the internet, I’ve watched the bejesus out of the archival seasons of the classic MTV show and I have to say (and sure, I am wildly biased) there are sparkly little moments where they remind me of Cindy in the early episodes. Here's the thing, we see Joan and Karlie in ads and editorials and they're such successful, accomplished, beautiful women but when they talk and goof around you’re instantly reminded of how legitimately young they both are.

They get slightly nervous at points but my goodness if they’re not SO sincere and sunny and it’s just lovely to watch them get geeked about people we'd geek about, like, photographer Mario Testino (who you’ll remember from our Milan episode in season 4 [and, well, his entire STORIED, SPRAWLING, STUNNING CAREER]).

For the Stella McCartney show that Joan opens (squeeeee!), our hosts go backstage to talk to the designer and it’s awesome to see how impressed and proud Stella is of the girls. It’s also wonderful to see the new guard talk to House of Style favorites like the legendary designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

karlie kloss joan smalls

Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss.
Photo: MTV

As some of you may know, for this 2013 Spring season, the French national treasure created a series of ensembles that paid homage to iconic musicians from Grace Jones to Michael Jackson. For what it’s worth, Joan Smalls serves phenomenal Sade realness because they both have THE PERFECT lips and eyebrows. There’s this moment when Joan mugs with Jourdan Dunn and Anais Mali where you cannot DEAL with how exquisite everyone is. Another thing you need to know: Karlie plays a sensational, hammy Boy George and David Bowie and you love watching her WORK her face off. It is adorable.

Then it’s off to party with fashmaves like Anna Dello Russo and Alexander Wang at M.A.C. & Carine Roitfeld's "Le Bal." Our hosts are scantily clad in black cocktail dresses. Joan in Gucci and Karlie in Wang. There’s a great deal of peek-a-boo action in the cut-out ensembles and it’s one of those times that you're reminded of how, indeed, the girls are internationally celebrated models because their bodies are unfrickinbelievable.

Look it, we know that this is a new era. We're not trying to be all things to all people. We realize and even appreciate that there will be those whose hearts belong to House of Style classique forever and ever amen, but we're gonna shoot the moon to bring you something shiny and fresh with some ladies we're excited to hang with. Get into it and let us know what you think if you love it. And if you don't, write it on a wee bit of paper and wad a piece of gum in it and pitch it into the trashcan. Love you. Mean it. Always.


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