Will There Be A One Direction Perfume?

One Direction

One Direction might have a perfume in the works.
Photo: Getty Images

Heads up, Directioners! According to our friends at Marie Claire UK, there might be a One Direction PERFUME coming down the pipe just for you! The mag revealed that everyone's favorite Brit-Irish boy band "are to put their names to a new scent for women that will feature floral notes and be suitably sweet for their predominantly teenage fanbase." And then we gripped our desks and screamed at our computer monitors a full 60 seconds. MC UK elaborated, "A source close to the band told us: 'One Direction are working on releasing a scent, it’s all super secret right now.'" *pause for snickering about the unintentional hilarity of "releasing a scent"* Before we start clearing out some counter space for a 1D perfume bottle (or *cue genius light bulb* perhaps FIVE?), we'll hold for a beat until the dudes themselves confirm the news, but it totally wouldn't surprise us if the group had a scent in the works.

After all, it seems like everyone is doing it, ESPECIALLY anyone with a legion of teen fans. With Justin Bieber's Someday yielding such insane levels of success that he launched a second fragrance, Girlfriend. And JB's REAL girlfriend, Selena Gomez, launched a perfume of her own! With few details and even less confirmation, all we can do at this point is speculate. What will it smell like? What will the bottle look like? Will there be one bottle or five, one for each member of the group? When can we expect to catch a whiff of that first spritz of eau de 1D? We have a lot of questions and just want the answers.

{via Marie Claire UK}

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