Halloween 2012: Katy Perry Costume Ideas!

The countdown is on! Halloween is officially three weeks away, which means that there's just enough time to put together an elaborate, show-stopping costume. As the clock ticks down and we get closer, obviously your options for going all out get fewer and fewer, unless you're a lightning-fast, super DIY'er. Every year there are a few of our faves who have totally amazing, Halloween-ready looks, Katy Perry of course being one of them. Last year we told you how to get "T.G.I.F." ready, and this year we're going to be doing some of Katy's more recent, still totally iconic, looks. Some of these are harder than others, requiring online tutorials, scissors, glue and a significant time commitment, others are considerably easier, using clothes you might already have on hand and a few simple props. Either way, you'll look just as rad as Katy, and are sure to turn some heads.

Katy's "Wide Awake" Enchanted Garden Look

Get Katy's "Wide Awake" look.
Photo: Getty/Manic Panic/Urban Outfitters/Amazon

In the interest of full disclosure, one of the most attractive things about this costume is the excuse to dye your hair purple. You could also wear a wig, of course, and depending on your age should always ask permission before doing something like this, since even semi-permanent dye will stick around for awhile. You can also just wear a purple wig. We LOVE Katy's look in her "Wide Awake" video, where she drapes flowers across a nude maxi dress, which she has paired with white patent Dr. Martens. Her beauty game is flawless as well, with her long grape-hued locks accentuating perfect skin and a demure pink lip. Butterflies in her hair and a killer 3-D floral mani knock this look out of the park. With a simple nude dress, some butterflies and flowers (which you can totally glue onto your nails), and some fabric tape, you can re-create this look incredibly easily. If you want to go a little deeper with it, you can do this paper flower DIY, and drape your creations across the dress with yarn or twine.

+ Butterflies Fancy Butterflies $5.25

+ Flowers 452 Pc. Pastel Paper Flower Assortment $12.75

+ DIY Flowers Paper Flower DIY

+ Dress Go Make Noise Slub Knit Maxi Dress $59.00

+ Hair Dye Manic Panic Purple Haze $13.65

Katy's Peppermint Dress

Make your own peppermint dress.
Photo: Getty/ASOS/Amazon

One of Katy's most iconic looks, the spinning peppermint dress is being retired due to the potential hazards that its spinning candies represent, but that doesn't mean you can't make an awesome (and safe) version of the look for Halloween! Although it's a relatively easy DIY, this one takes a little bit of time. However, the base is something you might already have lying around: a white skater dress! You can also use a white tank and a-line mini, but we like the idea of the skater dress to really replicate Katy's look. Use cardboard and glitter in white, silver, red and magenta to make your peppermints, tape them to your dress with fabric tape (or use hot glue if you're not trying to wear the dress again), throw on some red fingerless gloves and you're good to go! The time here is just in letting the glittery mints dry all the way before you start trying to secure them to the dress. Unfortunately they won't spin, unless you're a mini Johnny Wujek and can figure out how to do that, in which case why are you looking to us for costume advice!

+ White Skater Dress ASOS Mini Prom Dress In Satin $79.16

+ Red Glitter Charles Leonard Glitter Bottle $11.61

+ White Glitter Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter, Arctic $10.56

+ Red Fingerless Gloves Red Leather & Mesh Fingerless Gloves $8.28

Katy's "Firework" Look

Photo: Capitol/Party City/Amazon

This might just be the easiest costume DIY ever. One of her most beloved videos, Katy Perry's "Firework" shows the singer literally exploding with millions of glittery fireworks. While we would never suggest you do anything as insane as light off fireworks anywhere near yourself (seriously, don't do that) there's a totally simple way to replicate the look for yourself. Katy wears a number of dresses in the video, ranging from princess to sleek, so you can more or less where whatever dress you want for this look. Killer beauty game is important, as is a long black wig. And now the magic part: fiber optic wands held out in front of you will look like fireworks in the dark, making this a totally surprising look with a major payoff.

+ Fiber Optic Sparkler Light Frenzy Sparkler $5.99

+ Wig Espresso Brunette Wig $19.99

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