Kanye West's 'White Dress': All The 1-Minute Snippet's Fashion References Illustrated

Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week.
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This morning, Kanye West bestowed a gift upon the internet in the form of a one-minute song snippet titled "White Dress." *THANK YOU, UNIVERSE!* The new track MAY not surpass "Christian Dior Denim Flow" in terms of model name-dropping, or be as divisive as his epic Twitter fashion rant, but we've gotta give it up for Kanye, because the guy crams a LOT of style shoutouts into just 60 seconds. In the possible ode to his future wedding, the rapper's various references include everything from Kurt Cobain flannel to glistening lip gloss to Christian Louboutins. The only thing to make the song EVEN better? A handy-dandy picture guide to go along with the lyrics (ahem, obviously), so we've created one below. Enjoy!

“Rocking flannels all summer like Kurt Cobain”

Kurt Cobain in 1993.
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As we all know, Kanye does not mess around. He kicks things off early around 13 seconds in, jumping from talking about piña coladas (don't ask) to referencing ultimate '90s grunge god Kurt Cobain. The late musician helped pioneer the shaggy flannel look that's lasted throughout the decades. In the song, Kanye's dream girl takes fashion cues from Kurt. Iiiinteresting...

“That Dolce & Gabbana with a few gold chains”

Dolce and Gabbana's SS13 show / gold chains.
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From Kurt Cobain to Dolce & Gabbana? Yep, it's totally happening. About .5 seconds later Kanye namedrops the Italian fashion label as another look his lady rocks—accessorizing her ourfits with "a few gold chains," of course. BUT you know what's weird? To our knowledge Kanye's never actually attended a Dolce & Gabbana runway show before. *Scratches head*

“High heels clicking”

High heels.
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Pretty self-explanatory, AND the first of two high heel shoutouts Kanye makes in the song. Moving on!

“Lip gloss glistening”

Lip gloss.
Photo: Getty Images

A gratuitous "glossy lip" stock photo, for your viewing pleasure (cue Lil Mama's "Lip Gloss" here).

“Tryna get a pair of Christians”

Christian Louboutin shoes.
Photo: Christian Louboutin Facebook

The final reference Kanye crams in before the song ends is around the 45-second mark, saying his girl would do preeeetty much anything for a pair of "Christians." Yep, clearly she's not the only one- that Louboutin iconic red sole is IT.

While we're still mourning the fact that Kanye decided not to show his collection in Paris this season, this song serves as a pretty good consolation prize. Oh, and the best part: this is only the beginning. If Kanye's already listed five fash-shoutouts in the first minute, there's NO telling what the rest of the song has in store. Produced by RZA, West, and Boogz and Tapez,"White Dress" is included in the Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack and drops October 23. In the meantime, listen here and let us know what you think!

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