Let's Dress Up Rihanna In Her Iconic Outfits!

Rihanna Paper Doll

Rihanna in paper doll form.
Photo: Via Topshop

So, during our INCREDIBLY. BUSY. workday we maaay have taken a small, itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny break to check out the "New In This Week" section on Topshop.com just, you know, for work research or whatever, and somehow we stumbled upon this gem—a Rihanna paper doll. WUT. This is basically our dream come true, y'all! For just $15, we can sort through RiRi's entire wardrobe and put together our favorite pieces (and beauty looks!) IRL. *high-fives entire world* The mastermind behind this concoction is Mel Simone Elliott, a UK-based artist that started I Love Mel—the same brand that did those killer Kate Moss and Ryan Gosling coloring books. Yassss.

On the cover of the packaging, we see Rihanna in the infamous black and white bodysuit from her "Rude Boy" music video, and on the back we peep RiRi's iconic cut-out onesie from her NYE performance in Abu Dhabi back in 2010. Other outfits in the paper doll collection include her sultry all-white bandage catsuit from her 2009 American Music Awards performance and THAT sultry, emerald green Roberto Cavalli gown from the 2007 Grammys. Yowza! Also, remember that time Rihanna wore nothing but barbed wire on her Russian Roulette single cover? Yeah, well, that's an option too. From her bright red waves to short, partially-shaved blonde 'do, there's certainly no shortage of hair choices in here either. Our only complaint is that the shoe options are pretty limited, and she has no jewelry/bag/accessories to choose from, but, hey, we ain't mad! FYI: Rihanna is just one of the MANY amazing paper doll creations from I Love Mel! Be sure to check out the others, which include Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Adele. Scoooreee!

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