Halloween 2012: PSY 'Gangnam Style' Costume Ideas!

With fewer than three weeks to go, the countdown to Halloween is officially ON. This tick-tock time crunch plus the pressure of churning out an epic, unforgettable and pop culture-relevant costume means you'd better get started stat. If you're still looking for outfit ideas, ahem, may we suggest PSY? He's only the biggest YouTube superstar since, like, forever, and basically exploded the internet this summer with "Gangnam Style." Considering we've already dissected the music video look by look, that makes the costume hunting EVEN easier. And with our group costume ideas inspired by each of the ridiculous characters in the clip, all you need to do now is grab your best friends and start plotting. It's SO easy, you'll even have time to learn his dance moves before the big night. Let's do this!


Photo: Dress like Psy's "Gangnam Style" video for Halloween.

Photo: Courtesy of YG Entertainment/ Topshop/ASOS/Forever21/Topman

Who better to start off with than the man himself?! Whoever's lucky enough to nab PSY's action-ready ensemble has to be prepared to give MAJOR face, rock the dance moves like no other, and have the singer's swanky "I know I'm hot" saunter down (after all, with great power comes great responsibility...). Here PSY's dressed in his baby blue tuxedo jacket, black pants, bowtie and shades. He's working a slick dress shirt underneath all this, but if you don't feel like investing in one yourself (or raiding your dad's closet), a basic white tee will do. Replicate PSY's outfit with a light blue blazer, black skinny jeans, a bow tie, and some round sunglasses. Now all you need to do is perfect those facial expressions...

+ Blazer: Blue Boyfriend Blazer ($39.90)

+ Bowtie: Black Bowtie ($28.00)

+ Jeans: Forever21 Classic Denim Skinny Jeans ($10.90)

+ Sunglasses: AJ Morgan Boston Sunglasses ($26.39)


Photo: Dress like Psy's "Gangnam Style" video for Halloween.

Photo: Courtesy of YG Entertainment/ Topshop/ Forever21/ Dr.Martens/L'Oreal/

Now that PSY's taken care of, moving on to the backup dancers. These girls pop up all over the place in the video, wearing sequined hot pants and a sleeveless turtleneck blouse (what's up, '90s!). Surprisingly, these pieces are super easy to find, no matter where you live. Nab the look yourself with Forever21's glitter shorts and a basic white top. Just don't forget the key ingredient- a dramatic swipe of black eyeliner- and you're good to go!

+ Shorts: Forever21 Sequined Shorts ($22.80)

+ Top: Skinny Polo Crop Top ($20.00)

+ Boots: Dr. Martens 8-Tie Boot ($120.00)

+ Eyeliner: L'Oreal Lineur Intense ($9.49)


Photo: Dress like Psy's "Gangnam Style" video for Halloween.

Photo: Courtesy of YG Entertainment/

The guy in the bright yellow suit above is Yoo Jae Suk, who is actually Korea's main MC and a huge celeb overseas. He's also got KILLER dance moves, but that goes without saying. Anyway, snag his sporty canary-colored outfit with an oversized yellow blazer, matching pants, and some rad adidas sneakers. Unfortunately the actual ones "The Grasshopper" wore in the video are sold out (go figure) but there are plenty of copycat versions out there. Throw on a wig, some white sunglasses, and sweeping arm gestures, and BOOM! Instant K Pop supertar.

+ Wig: Surfer Adult Black Wig ($12.99)

+ Sunglasses: Forever21 White Sunglasses ($5.80)

+ Shoes: adidas AdiStar Racer Sneaker ($65.00)

+ Pants: J. Crew Cafe Capri ($39.99)

+ Blazer: H&M Yellow Blazer ($49.99)


Photo: Dress like Psy's "Gangnam Style" video for Halloween.

Photo: Courtesy of YG Entertainment/ River Island/ J.Crew/ Michaels/ ASOS

First of all, can we please talk about how amazing comedian Noh Hongchul during his elevator dance session?! It might take some time to replicate his routine, but his outfit is SO easy, you can copy it in about 5 minutes with just a little DIY. Create his colorful acid wash shorts with fabric paint and white bermudas, pair 'em with a lime green t-shirt, and top it all off with a straw cowboy hat. Unfortunately, gladiator mandals and crazy eye expression not included.

+ Shirt: Lime Lace T-Shirt ($10.00)

+ Hat: Urban Outfitters cowboy hat (similar style $29.99)

+ Paint: Michael's Fabric Paint (about $5.00 in-store)

+ Shorts: J.Crew Bermuda Shorts ($29.99)

+ Pants: J. Crew Cafe Capri ($39.99)

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