Jourdan Dunn Launches Cooking Show "Well Dunn With Jourdan Dunn" With A Little Help From Jay-Z

jourdan dunn model

Jourdan Dunn off duty during New York Fashion Week this year.
Photo: Getty

Looks like Karlie and Joan aren't the only ones getting into the show hosting game: Jourdan Dunn will be joining their ranks as the host of Well Dunn with Jourdan Dunn, on Jay-Z's Life + Times Youtube channel. If the punny title didn't tip you off, Jourdan will be hosting a cooking show, and we're busy hypothesizing about what she might try whipping up in the test kitchen. Since Karlie already has the market cornered on model-made cookies, we suspect that Jourdan might be more focused on amateur chef staples. We were really proud when we cooked a really good roast chicken, so as amateur chefs ourselves we have some experience in this arena. Also we MIGHT sometimes pretend to be hosting our own cooking show while we're in the kitchen alone, but don't tell anyone. The other thing that has us thinking are the food-centric tweets the British model has been posting. While it doesn't seem that she's working her way through Julia Child, she's paying close attention to the details, which is even more important. See the tweet after the jump!

Alright so boiled eggs aren't exactly souffle, but as anyone who has boiled an egg only to find it either under or overcooked knows, it's definitely something you can mess up. Jourdan clarified that for her, the perfect boiled egg is "soft and runny," adding "f*** a hard boiled egg," but you know, if you like yours firm then that's ok too (can't we all get along?). Knowing the basics is one of the most important parts of being a good chef, amateur or otherwise, and learning those basics from Jourdan Dunn sounds pretty fun to us.

What do you think Jourdan Dunn will cook on her new show?

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