Would You Wear A “Sexy” Sesame Street Halloween Costume?

Would you wear a “sexy” Elmo, Big Bird, or Oscar the Grouch Halloween costume?
Photo: Courtesy of Yandy.com

You heard it here first: “sexy” Sesame Street character Halloween costumes are real things that exist. I put the word “sexy” in quotation marks not just because it’s a totally subjective term, but also because using it in such close proximity to a public broadcasting program that helped teach me the alphabet and how to count is pretty gross (to say the very least). Big Bird, Elmo, and pals have been making headlines and trending topics lately with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s mention of the large beloved avian puppet in the October 3rd presidential debate against incumbent Barack Obama. It actually makes the big yellow guy excellent fodder for Halloween costuming, but is rendering these cuddly childhood staples into d├ęcolletage flaunting, sheer-panelled ensembles that reveal more than enough under-butt necessarily the right move for your politically charged All Hallows Eve suiting? We’re not so sure.

Would you wear a “sexy” Ernie, Bert, or Cookie Monster Halloween costume?
Photo: Courtesy of Yandy.com

The sarcastic TV ad released by Obama for America this morning makes this (the politics of Big Bird and PBS funding, not the cleavage Cookie Monster) an even hotter topic, even though the good people at Sesame Street are making their best efforts to confirm their nonpartisanship and have their characters and trademarks removed from all campaign materials. The same may happen for the Sexy Big Bird costume makers at Yandy.com when the Sesame Street peeps catch wind of their presumably unlicensed designs. BUT if a “Sexy” Elmo/Oscar the Grouch/Ernie/Bert/Cookie Monster is all you ever dreamed of being for Halloween this year, hurry up and nab one before they (maybe) get a cease-and-desist order!


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