Listen To Daft Punk's Saint Laurent Spring 2013 Runway Soundtrack!

Daft Punk Saint Laurent

Looks from the Saint Laurent spring/summer 2013 Paris Fashion Week show in Oct. 1.
Photo: Getty Images

If you weren't one of the few people lucky enough to attend Paris Fashion Week this season, you might feel, well, a tad shortchanged. Sure, you can peep endless runway photos and scour Instagram for super-cool backstage snaps, but nothing compares to actually being at a fashion show, amirite? Well, friends, we've got some good news—The Cut got their hands on the ENTIRE. SOUNDTRACK. from the highly-anticipated Saint Laurent spring/summer 2013 show, and it features music by THE Daft Punk. *cries tears of joy* Like, could this be more awesome, y'all? Our fave electronic French duo created a 15-minute (yes, that says FIFTEEN. MINUTE.) soundtrack for the models to strut their stuff to with vocals by Junior Kimbrough, an iconic blues musician who passed away in 1998.

But not everyone was talking about the music at the spring 2013 Saint Laurent fashion show—many, many, MANY people were eagerly awaiting Hedi Slimane's runway debut after taking over the Yves Saint Laurent brand in March. His surprising/confusing name switch-ups (first to Saint Laurent Paris and then to just Saint Laurent) had many scratching their heads at just how much change would be happening at the nearly 50-year-old fashion house. (Personally, we mourned YSL's death by rounding up more than 40 rap lyrics that will affected by this rebranding. EVERYONE DEALS WITH PAIN DIFFERENTLY.) But honestly, when we peeped the Western-cowboy-meets-Victorian-era-vampire looks paired with Daft Punk's smooth soundtrack, we couldn't resist falling in love with the entire collection. Plus, there was no one's head blocking our view of the runway and the endless sweating that comes with attending a fashion show in person. Scoooreeee!


{via The Cut}

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