Watch Kristen Stewart Give Live Interview On Balenciaga's Website!

Kristen Stewart Balenciaga

Kristen Stewart in New York on Sept. 10.
Photo: Getty Images

When we found out Kristen Stewart would be the new face of Balenciaga's perfume earlier this year, we basically fuh-reaked out. I mean, we can TOTALLY get behind K Stew making her mark in the fashion and beauty world because, um, hiiii that's basically combining the two things we love most (celebs and fashion!). Even though we've peeped the Florabotanica campaign and heard the Twilight star dish on all-things beauty and fragrance, we still can't get enough of this killer collab. Thankfully, Balenciaga is blessing us with one of the biggest/best gifts we'll receive ALL year—a live interview with Ms. Stewart herself! Eeeee!

According to Balenciaga, K Stew will do a live chat on their homepage ( and Facebook page ( on October 18th at 3 pm/EST. The best part, though, IS WE'RE ALLOWED TO ASK THE QUESTIONS. *spazzes out* Basically, you can submit ANY inquiry regarding K Stew's Florabotanica campaign right here, and if your question is chosen, you ALSO get a bottle of the new fragrance. Like, not only will K Stew be talking DIRECTLY TO YOU, but you also get free stuff. There is a god, y'all! If you want to size up the competition or get some inspiration for your own questions, check out what's already been submitted here. Good luck, and we'll, you know, be here on the internet awaiting Kristen's beautiful face until then. *twiddles thumbs*

{via Balenciaga}

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