Lady Gaga Rocks Insane Gold Accessories At Fame Fragrance Launch

Lady Gaga at her Fame fragrance launch in London on Oct. 7.
Photo: Getty Images

As Lady Gaga continues to promote her Fame fragrance all across the globe, she also continues to take this whole dress-like-the-perfume-bottle-and-wear-strictly-black-and-gold aesthetic VERY. SERIOUSLY. Yesterday when Mother Monster was at a launch event in London, she wore—you guessed it—only black and gold, but sported THE most insane accessories we have ever seen. And we’re not exaggerating here—she wore a gold claw, people. A gold CLAW. After she stepped out of her incredibly ornate horse-drawn gold carriage (yes, that actually happened), we peeped her hands, and they were completely covered in gold adornments. We’re talking jewels, chains, even a honey bee—the whole bit. I mean, just a couple months ago we were debating over whether wearing a talon on your fingertips was over the top and then, well, this happens. *shrugs* Gaga has officially put us in our place.

In pure Gaga fashion, she managed to switch up her look three times while on location. She wore a sunburst gold star headdress that looked extremely dangerous and eye-pokey (good move on wearing the sunglasses, Gags) and then also slipped on some Star Trek-inspired metal orb glasses. Otherwise, she kept her ensemble quite simple and wore a solid black body-con floor-sweeping dress paired with super-long soft lashes, a touch of eyeliner, bronzed cheeks and a soft pink lip. But can we talk about that hair for a second?! It’s giving us serious Lana Del Rey vibes, and we can barely handle it. I mean, didn’t Lana sport this exact auburn bouffant hairdo just a few months ago? *clicks over to Google as fast as humanly possible* YEP, it’s all over Lana’s H&M campaign! We kind of love this color on Lady Gaga, though, because she looks SO fresh and natural. She let her accessories do all the talking as of late, and we ain’t mad at that! Like, please peep the image below for a close-up of the claw. Can’t. Stop. Staring. At. It.

A close-up of Lady Gaga’s gold claw at her Fame fragrance launch in London on Oct. 7.
Photo: Getty Images

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